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Why Is Prep from Atlas LSAT Course Preferred?

Attending a good prep class for achieving success in LSAT is very much essential. Only a good prep class can give you the required materials and training that would be very instrumental in helping you gain competence over all the sections of the LSAT thereby helping you to gain confidence over the test. Further, with the support of a good prep course, you can curb your weaknesses and improve your strengths so that you can achieve a great LSAT score. Attending an LSAT prep course will help you to understand the competition because you will be among a group of students that aim at scoring high in the LSAT. There are many LSAT prep companies that train students to realise their dream of scoring high in the LSAT. One such famous prep company that can precisely help you to achieve your targeted score is the Atlas LSAT prep company.

Atlas LSAT

Atlas LSAT is the sister company of the famous Manhattan prep. Manhattan prep is a senior exam prep provider in the industry and was founded by Zeke Vanderhoek. They have been by far very successful in training students for the GMAT exclusively. They also train students who aspire to be future lawyers. The Manhattan LSAT is famously regarded as Atlas LSAT. The following link leads you to the official website of the Atlas LSAT/Manhattan LSAT.

Atlas LSAT started providing prep classes for LSAT aspirants since January 2009 and is regarded as the top-tier prep providers for the LSAT exclusively. It is presently headquartered in New York but operated live teaching classesin various metros such as Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Austin etc. Atlas LSAT specialises in providing the students a high quality prep solution that promisingly helps you achieve a score of 170+ with a planned and strategic effort.

Atlas LSAT Course Highlights

The traditional live tutoring Atlas LSAT course comprises 36 hours of instruction divided as 12 three-hour in-class training sessions. Since there are 12 classes altogether, this traditional Atlas LSAT course is referred to as 12-class course. It comes fully armed with live classroom teaching sessions, four two-hour proctored study sessions, three fully strategic and comprehensive study guides, two practice books containing 20 official LSAT full-length test papers for your practice. Further, you will be provided with recorded video sessions of all the classes so that they help you listen to class in case you miss the real one. Attending this 12-class course provides you the benefit of a high teacher to student ratio because Atlas LSAT ensures that there are only 18 students for each tutoring session. Moreover, attending this course will make you eligible for the Atlas LSAT forum through which you can get your queries and doubts cleared.

Apart from the traditional tutoring sessions, you can even avail the Atlas LSAT online tutoring sessions. The online tutoring course at Atlas is pretty much the same in the structured format with the difference that these classes are delivered online. Here, you can listen to the classes in a very interactive way. The sessions are not merely recorded but are delivered live online thus enabling you to have the experience of a real classroom.

Atlas LSAT Review

Atlas LSAT is a successful company in training students and the main strength of this prep company lies in their dedicated faculty. They claim to spend a huge amount of US $100 per hour upon each tutor. They further affirm that 4 out of 5 tutors are denied appointment during the time of recruitment. The tutors at Atlas LSAT undergo a strict and monitored training in order to ensure that they are fit for delivering the class with expertise. Hence, you can really trust their prep course and prepare well in this institute.

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