The acronym LSAT stands for ‘Law School Admission Test’. LSAT Test is an obligatory test for admission in any law school throughout United States and most schools in Canada that are permitted by the American Bar Association. The LSAT test is a registered trademark of the Law School Admission Council, Inc. (LSAC). The LSAC comprises of more than 200 law schools of the US and Canada. It is a non-profit corporation. All the schools that are approved by American Bar Association are LSAC members.

The LSAT test sets a standard for candidates aspiring to get admission in any law school. It has nothing to do with legal formalities or anything to do with the judiciary system. It is an assessment to test the thinking capabilities and the reasoning functionality of a candidate. Every year LSAT test is conducted four times throughout the world. The best suited time to appear for the LSAT test is either June or October. Most law schools advice the students to take the test in December to ensure admission in the forthcoming fall. The LSAT test is a half-day standardization test. Till recently pencil and paper were the only means of writing a LSAT test. But now online version of the LSAT test is available. In this online LSAT test, the answers can be evaluated then and there.

The LSAT test consists of five multiple choice segments that have 101 questions. The last or the sixth segment is the essay section which is sent to the college applied by the test taker. Logical reasoning of the student is evaluated by presenting two sections of comprehension reading and the other being logical reasoning section. The multiple choice section is expected to finish with 35 minutes approximately. And the essay portion (sixth segment) is expected to take 30 minutes. Though the LSAT test sounds simple and easy, it is not. It is deliberately formatted in a way that it takes a long time to finish and cannot be completed on the allotted time. But it’s not impossible to finish it on time. Continuous practice and keenness to overcome the test fear is the most important fact to get through the LSAT test.

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