ISEE Tutoring

Importance of Tutoring for ISEE Prep

ISEE tutoring refers to the coaching that a student undergoes in order to take the ISEE. ISEE tutored students can be expected to perform better in this standardized entrance examination for admission in private schools, as they are trained specifically for this examination in comparison to those who are specifically untrained for this examination and are equipped with only general academic skills.

Importance of Tutoring for ISEE Preparation

Preparation for ISEE requires special tutoring. The advantages of ISEE tutoring are discussed as below:

  1. ISEE is a highly competitive examination requiring specialized tutoring- Being a highly competitive examination, ISEE requires good preparation from the examinees to secure a good percentile, which is very important for them to stand a chance to get admission in a school of choice. Good ISEE tutors train the students in securing high ranks in the ISEE.

  2. ISEE tutors provide efficient study strategies, which save the preparation time of test preparers- ISEE tutors provide guidance and study resources, which are focussed on the ISEE examination. This will help the student in learning the correct knowledge and study strategies for this examination, without wasting time and effort on experimenting with study resources and study methods, which usually turn out to be less effective.

Reviews of Some Popular ISEE Tutors

  1. The Princeton Review ISEE Tutoring (

    This ISEE tutoring program, which can be taken in a part-time or full-time mode, is characterized by a number of advantages as discussed below:

    • Dedicated Faculty- The faculty members of this tutoring centre comprise enthusiastic subject matter experts, who are dedicated to make their students excel in the ISEE.

    • Customized Study Programs- The subject matter experts of this ISEE coaching centre will specifically design customised ISEE tutoring programs for the student. They will assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and plan a study strategy for him/her accordingly.

    • Performance-oriented Coaching- Unlike a number of other ISEE tutors, the faculty of this institution are performance-oriented and their entire study program is designed with the goal of high results in the ISEE.

    • Flexible Study Schedule- A student can opt to take the classroom or online ISEE tutoring program and attend classes at his/her own convenience. However, one has to correspond with the institution regarding timing issues.

    • Motivated Learning- More important than knowledge is motivation for performing well in an examination. The instructors of this ISEE tutoring centre will keep you motivated for performing well in this examination.

  2. Wyzant Tutoring (

    This website has listed a number of subject matter experts who offer ISEE tutoring. The students can take private tuitions for ISEE from these experts. However, one has to take classes from these instructors, only after carefully verifying their credentials. When selecting one of these private tutors, it is better to opt for a teacher who is dedicated to teaching only ISEE. Such an instructor will be more focussed on ISEE than others who teach for a number of competitive examinations. Moreover, a person capable of teaching well should be given preference in comparison to an instructor who has a lot of knowledge, but cannot teach well. Finally, you should select an instructor who can spend adequate time with you to resolve your issues regarding the ISEE. Some high-demand instructors are very busy and they do not have sufficient time for their students. Studying under such instructors will not be of any value.

  3. Varsity Tutors (

    This ISEE tutoring website, has displayed the profile summaries of a number of certified ISEE tutors. You should choose one from amongst them by applying the same selection and elimination criteria, which were discussed for instructors of Wyzant Tutoring. The advantage of taking ISEE preparation classes from these tutors is that they are all ISEE certified, which makes them the most competent faculty to conduct ISEE classes.

  4. Launch Education Group (

    This education group offers ISEE tutoring on a one-to-one basis in the entire Los Angeles county. You can take personalised tuition from the comforts of your home through this tutoring program. The faculty of this educational group is specialised in offering ISEE coaching.


ISEE tutoring is important for students appearing for ISEE, as it greatly increases the chances of a person getting high scores in the ISEE. One has to carefully select the ISEE tutors they want to take guidance under, and follow their instructions strictly to achieve good results in the ISEE.

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