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Methods of ISEE Prep

The Independent School of Entrance Exam (ISEE) is created by Educational Records Bureau (ERB) which is accepted by many private day schools and boarding schools across the United States. This test is a used for competency mapping and identifies the student's potential required according to his or her school grades.

About the ISEE Exam:

The ISEE exam is conducted for students from grade 4 to grade 12 and is divided into three levels i.e. the Lower Level, the Middle Level and the Upper Level. This test is conducted in both paper and computer-based formats. The ISEE test sections are Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Mathematics and an Essay Writing Section.

All the questions, except the essay section, in the ISEE test are in the multiple-choice format. In general, this test lasts for two and half hours. However, the time duration and number of test questions would vary from level to level for this test.

Preparing for ISEE Exam through Private Tutors:

This test is of huge magnitude for students and it requires them to utilize all kinds of study resources so that they can be well-prepared for it beforehand. Nowadays, there are many preparation options available in the offline and online markets. For example, a student can hire an ISEE tutor, join an online course or utilize study guides etc. However, it is suggested that students should select only those options which would facilitate their learning for the ISEE test.

Merely preparing from a study guide may not be enough for a test like ISEE. There are many special ISEE preparation courses and tuition programs available which are very beneficial for students. Using these options, firstly, students get to interact with an ISEE tutor who would be qualified to handle test subject-areas. Secondly, there would be personal consultation sessions given to each student by an ISEE tutor for doubt clarifications and clearing concepts.

Moreover, many preparation courses for the ISEE test are available online. These programs include video tutorials, practice tests, ISEE test reviews and provide helpful techniques to solve the ISEE test.

Reviews of Prominent ISEE Tutoring Options:

  1. The Princeton Review: There is private tutoring sessions offered by the Princeton Review for ISEE test preparation. You can request for a private ISEE tutor who would guide you and help you to prepare a personal study plan. You can visit for more information on the private tutoring facilities provided by this institute.

  2. Kaplan's Test Prep: Another good option is joining the Kaplan's Test Prep tuition courses. You can get in touch with an ISEE tutor who would be qualified and would provide you customized solutions. There are tutors available for all levels of the ISEE test. You can visit for more information.

  3. Top Test Prep: Top Test Prep offers private tutoring for many competitive exams including the ISEE test. In order to contact an ISEE tutor from this tutoring center, you can visit They provide customized study plans, ISEE study guides and consultation on problems faced by students during their test preparation.

Other Prep Options:

In case you do not wish to have an ISEE tutor but would like to avail special course material for this test, then you can avail certain paid ISEE preparation programs. These programs are created by highly qualified tutors and have been beneficial to many students preparing for the ISEE test. Some of the prominent ISEE prep courses are mentioned below:

Hiring an ISEE tutor might seem to be an expensive option; however, the returns would be much greater if you follow the advice given to you sincerely, since the ISEE test results would have a huge impact on student's career in schooling. Hence, it is important to select the appropriate preparation option and be well-prepared. It is also essential that students utilize all the available study resources properly in order to pass this test with flying colors!

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