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When to Take ISEE

Before applying and registering for the ISEE test, it is important that parents and students learn everything about the ISEE testing dates and centers. This way you could make an informed decision about when to schedule this test. This article focuses on the ISEE testing dates or testing schedule and provides a detailed summary of the crucial recommendations you must keep in mind while selecting an ISEE test appointment.

The 3 Important Considerations While Scheduling ISEE Tests:

  1. ISEE Testing Dates

    There is no single or universal ISEE testing schedule that is published by ERB. This is because ERB has given its testing centers and member-schools the freedom to establish their own testing dates. Some testing centers allow what is called "Large or Small group tests", wherein a certain number of students are scheduled to take the test on the same date and others allow for individual testing, wherein even a single student can take the test on a particular date. There are 3 types of ISEE testing centers, with specific rules concerning their ISEE testing dates, which are listed as follows:

    ERB Testing Offices: These are ERB's own testing centers. ISEE testing dates at these centers may not be published on the ERB website and information regarding them is provided only on request. The testing dates across these offices also vary greatly. For example, some centers offer testing on weekdays and weekends, while others offer testing only on certain scheduled dates. Some of them don't offer testing during certain months of the year. Hence, it is important for parents to individually call the testing centers that are location-wise convenient to determine their testing schedule.

    Consortium Testing Centers: These are group testing centers which generally provide "Large group tests". Some of these centers offer ISEE testing dates from September through July every academic year, while some may provide testing dates only in certain months of the year (generally from September through January).

    Open Testing Centers: These are certain independent schools that have ERB's authorization to schedule ISEE tests on their own campuses for students applying to their own school as well as to other schools. Most schools in this category do not have ISEE testing dates throughout the year and offer testing dates only on certain months (and specific dates) in a year.

    To view a complete list of the ISEE testing dates for all the available testing centers, you may download the ISEE Student guide from -

  2. Registration Deadlines:

    All ISEE testing dates are associated with an early registration deadline. Late registration is also allowed up-to a week or two prior to the test for an additional fee. During registration, the requested test dates are allotted to a student only if seats are available at the test center.

  3. ISEE Application Deadlines

    In the U.S, the academic year starts on Sept 1st and most private schools require the student applications and corresponding ISEE scores to reach them by Jan or Feb of the same year. However, please be aware that these admission deadlines vary from school to school. For example, some schools may provide a grace period for their admissions deadlines in cases where the families are relocating or in other special circumstances. It is recommended that the parents/students check with their respective schools on their admissions criteria and deadlines before selecting the ISEE testing dates.

Selecting ISEE Testing Dates:

All the parents of ISEE applicants must review the above-mentioned considerations to narrow down on the best possible periods when their children are ready to take the ISEE test. Apart from the above factors, the students and their parents must plan for enough time for ISEE test preparation. They must also try and select the testing centers that are closest to their location. After due consideration of these factors, a list of most convenient ISEE testing dates must be short-listed and applied for during registration. We recommend that you start thinking about this process at-least a year earlier, so that you will have enough time to complete the required steps.

Thus far, we have emphasized upon the key circumstances involved in selecting suitable ISEE testing dates for your child. If you follow the due process diligently, you can be rest assured to receive the dates of your choice for your child's ISEE test appointment. Hence, we recommend you begin your research as early as possible to avoid any last minute glitches during registration.

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