ISEE Test Preparation

How to Identify the Best Method for ISEE Test Prep?

ISEE test preparation refers to the studies and other activities that students who are about to appear for the Independent School Entrance Examination do before attempting this test, in order to perform well in it. This examination can be taken at different levels. Each level tests the students in specific content areas, such as, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Essay Writing.

What is the Best Method to Prepare for ISEE?

ISEE test preparation does not have a single method that can be defined as the best method for preparation for ISEE, as different methods of preparation are suitable for different individuals. However, one should choose the method of preparation that is easy and least time consuming for one to follow. Here are certain steps that a person can take as a part of his/her ISEE test preparation:

  1. Read the ISEE official website carefully - Reading the official ISEE website ( in detail, and meeting the requirements, as stated on it, is one of the first steps to be taken in ISEE test preparation.

  2. Download the study resources available online for ISEE - The next step that one should do in his/her ISEE test preparation is to download the ISEE study resources available on the official ISEE website (, and also on other reliable websites to study for the ISEE.

  3. Take an ISEE diagnostic test - It is recommended that students take ISEE diagnostic tests before preparing for ISEE, in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses in the ISEE content areas. An ISEE practice test can be used for this purpose.

  4. Make a study strategy - Based on the results of the ISEE diagnostic test, one can plan a study strategy. The study strategy should include more time for the content areas in which one is weak and lesser time for the content areas in which one is strong. However, including some time for studying the content areas in which one is strong is important, as remaining out of touch with a subject will weaken one's command over the subject, however strong he or she may be in it. The study strategy should include timed practice sessions, and methods to answer the actual questions. The study strategy should also include daily goals and results.

  5. Stick to the daily goals and results and try to achieve them as much as possible - ISEE test preparation requires consistency in efforts. In order to achieve this, one has to set daily goals and compulsorily meet them at the end of the day. One must also try to simulate the examination environment as much as possible.

  6. ISEE test date should be fixed only when one is completely prepared for this test - Obtaining good scores in the ISEE, requires thorough preparation and one should fix the date for this examination, only after one is completely prepared for it.

  7. ISEE should be prepared for, keeping the competition in mind - Percentile marking is followed in ISEE. This marking involves awarding scores in comparison to the performance of peers in the same examination. Hence, one needs to perform very well in order to obtain a good percentile.

  8. Identify the ISEE study strategy that best suits you - Once you start your ISEE test preparation, try out a number of ways to work on it. You will soon come across the best method(s) which work for you.

  9. Refer to ISEE subject matter experts - ISEE subject matter experts can help you very much in your ISEE test preparation. They will provide excellent study tips for performing well in ISEE.

  10. Attend ISEE coaching classes - Good coaching classes make ISEE test preparation and attending the ISEE, a cakewalk for the students.


ISEE test preparation requires good planning and consistent effort. There is no one method that can be termed as the best method of preparation. Hence, one has to try different methods of preparation and try out the one that suits one the best.

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