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5 Things an ISEE Study Guide Must Have

The Independent School of Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a standardized test created by Educational Records Bureau (ERB) in order to ensure that every grade has students with similar learning capabilities. This test is widely accepted by many private day schools and boarding schools across the United States.

It is essential that students are well-prepared for this test beforehand by utilizing good study resources which are available in the offline and online markets. Among all kinds of study resources available, study guides are a good preparation option for any test as they provide conceptual explanations, sample questions and practice test papers. However, in order to ensure that the ISEE study guide selected by you is reliable; there are a few things that you must check.

5 Important Points to Consider While Selecting an ISEE Study Guide:

  1. Compatibility with the ERB Syllabus: It is essential that you compare the ERB syllabus provided for the ISEE exam with the ISEE study guide you choose. Any good ISEE study guide would be compatible with all the test portions mentioned by ERB.

  2. Publication Dates: It is suggested that you select a guide that has recently been published and has the updated information mentioned in it. It is better to avoid older versions of study guides as the updated ISEE test pattern might not be followed in those.

  3. Study Guide Reviews: It is important to check for the user ratings given for the ISEE study guide. These reviews would help you to understand the quality of the guide before purchasing it.

  4. Test Solving Strategies: It is better to rely on a guide that provides test solving techniques for cracking the ISEE test. Any good ISEE study guide would help to enhance your knowledge in all the test sections and enable you to be prepared for this test.

  5. Practice Test Papers: Students must select an ISEE study guide which contains sufficient amount of sample questions for every test section and provides practice ISEE test papers for students to solve.

It is important to consider these points while selecting any study resource for this test since preparing from the guides that stand up to these criterions would help you to attain a high score on this test.

ISEE Study Guides Reviews:

You can get information on some of the most prominent ISEE study guides which are available in the market by reading the reviews provided below:

  1. What to Expect on the ISEE:

    This study resource has been published by ERB for students taking the ISEE test. The soft copy of this book is available at the ERB website ( for free. If you require a hard copy of this book, you can avail it by placing an order for a specific charge. This book would contain sample questions on each test section for every level along with helpful essay writing tips. The hard copy of this book will also contain a mail-in registration form for the ISEE test.

  2. Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2012 Edition:

    According to the user reviews for this prep resource, Kaplan's ISEE study guide is known to have a very strong vocabulary section. The 2012 version contains updated information on all the test sections and is available at for purchase. Moreover, this ISEE study guide has received a 3.7 out of 5 stars rating on

  3. SSAT & ISEE for Dummies:

    This book has received many reviews which mention that this ISEE study guide contains a lot of practice tests. Moreover, the provision of simple and effective essay writing strategies is the key strength of this guide. Alongside, this study resource has received a 3.8 out of 5 stars user rating on It should be known that this guide is available at for purchase.

  4. Master the SSAT* & ISEE:

    This particular resource is designed to help both students and parents. This ISEE study guide contains material that would enable parents/guardians to understand the ISEE test. Many reviews mention that this guide contains good information for the Upper level ISEE exam. Users of this guide have rated this book with 4 out of 5 stars on This guide is available for purchase at .

It is important for students to utilize all these resources and attain a high score on this test in order to brighten their future. Selecting a good ISEE study guide is an important step towards this goal. However, it is suggested to take time to compare and research about these study resources through schools and ISEE online forums and get more information before investing in them so as to achieve the desired scores in the ISEE.

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