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All about ISEE Scores

ISEE score is the score that a student obtains in the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination). Students seeking admission from the 5th-12th grades in independent and magnet schools of the USA should take the ISEE, in order to be considered for admission by these schools. ISEE consists of four sections, namely, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics Achievement, and Essay (which is not scored). All the sections of ISEE, other than the Essay section, are machine-evaluated at the ISEE Operations office, and the Individual Score Report (ISR) is created, based on these scores. The ISR is sent to six schools, in about a week after the test taking date. If students want their scores to be sent to more than 6 schools, they will have to pay an additional fee to the concerned ISEE examination authorities.

Recipients of the ISR

The ISEE score report is sent to the following recipients:

  1. Parents of the ISEE examinees- The ISEE scorecard is sent to the parents of the examinees. This report contains details about the scores of their wards in the different ISEE content areas. It also contains the details of the schools to which the ISR was despatched. Along with the ISR, the parents will also receive brochures, which will explain the details of the scorecards, to enable them to understand about the performance of their children in the different ISEE content areas.

  2. Independent and magnet schools- The ISEE scorecard is sent to schools in which the ISEE examinee applies for admission. The scorecard sent to each of these schools contains only the score details of the ISEE examinees. It does not contain information about the other schools to which the ISR was despatched.

Expedited ISR Reports

The ISEE score can be made known to the parents of the ISEE examinee, in an accelerated mode, in the following ways, as per the modes opted for, at the time of registration:

  1. Email- The ISEE scorecard is sent to the parents of the examinees by email.
  2. Telephone- The ISEE score of a student is conveyed telephonically to him/her.

This facility is available only at the payment of an additional fee to the ISEE authorities by the parents of the examinees, at the time of registration. One can also request the ISEE authorities about score intimation in an expedited manner, after registration. However, they have to contact the ISEE authorities about it.

ISEE Marking System

The ISEE score of an examinee is measured on a number of scales:

  1. Raw Score- This score is calculated by awarding marks to all the correct answers of the ISEE test. The wrong answers are not marked negatively.

  2. Scaled Scores- The raw scores are scaled against a range of scores, which are set by the ISEE authorities. These scores are called scaled scores. The students are awarded ISEE scores ranging from 740-960.

  3. Percentiles- This is a scaled ISEE score that is calculated by comparing the scores obtained by the different ISEE examinees.

  4. Stanine- In this scoring system, the examinee is awarded a scaled score ranging from 0-9. The students are evaluated on 9 different criteria on this scale.

What is the ISEE Scoring Required For Taking Admission in Schools?

The ISEE score, required for admission into different schools, differs according to the standards set by the schools. Parents and students also have to note that the ISEE score is not the only criterion on which the admission of a student in a school depends. Other factors, such as, emotional maturity or teacher recommendations also influence the admission decisions of college admission authorities.


ISEE score is important for students seeking admission in all the levels of independent and magnet schools of the United States of America. While interpreting their scores, the students should bear in mind that their percentile scores are awarded after competitive comparison with their peers, and not based on what they actually secured in the ISEE, which may be much higher than their percentile scores. For more information on ISEE score, please visit

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