ISEE Preparation

4 Ways of Preparing for ISEE

The ISEE stands for the Independent School Entrance Examination. It is a standardized entrance test that is used by many independent schools throughout USA. Its development and administration is taken over by the Education Records Bureau ERB. There are three levels of this test: Lower Level for grades 5 to 6, Middle Level for 7 and 8 grades, and the Upper Level for 9 to 12. For each level, there are five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics Achievement, Reading Comprehension and a section based on Essay writing skills.

There are many ways by which you can start your ISEE preparation. The four most important ways are mentioned below:

  1. Prepare With the Help of Study Guides

    There are many study guides available in the market for ISEE preparation. If you would like to shop for these online, you can go to the website There are many books available for ISEE preparation here such as

    1. Master the ISEE:

      This book is available at for a price of 12.74$. It contains more than hundred practice questions and also contains four full-length practice tests. Apart from the preparation content, this book also contains a lot of useful information for parents, such as the process of applying to the private schools, selecting and paying for the school etc.

    2. Kaplan ISEE Edition:

      This study guide for ISEE preparation is available at the link for a price of 15$. This book contains a special vocabulary section and about a hundred valuable concepts for the preparation of the mathematics section. The practice tests in this book are according to the updated version of the ISEE test. However, most of the questions are of an easy level. Hence, this book is the best guide in case you want to start from the basics.

    3. Barron's ISEE:

      This ISEE preparation study guide is available at the link The price is 11.30$. This book contains a lot of review exercises and two full-length practice tests. The review exercises cover a wide range of topics such as reading skills, mathematical concepts and vocabulary building drills.

  2. Official Practice Material

    On the official website of the ISEE test, there are many ISEE preparation materials available. ( There materials are labeled as ‘What to Expect on the ISEE'. They can be viewed or downloaded from the website free of cost. You can have a look at the types of questions that are part of the actual ISEE test. The material that is provided includes:

    1. Sample questions for each section and question type in the first four sections, apart from the Essay section. There are some sample prompts also given for the essay section.

    2. One full-length practice test (one each for lower, middle and upper levels). This test is followed by a detailed score report and answer explanations.

    3. Actual answer sheet for entering your responses.

    4. Information on your score, your strong areas and areas that need improvement.

    5. A detailed explanation of the Individual Student Report, ISR.

  3. Online Preparation

    There are a lot of videos available on websites such where you can undergo the ISEE preparation. There are many other websites too where you can prepare such as:


      These programs by Kaplan are specially designed to cater to the needs of the students personally. These customized programs help you to focus on your specific weak areas and improve one's performance in those. For details regarding the price and availability, you need to call at 1800-KAP-TEST.


      There are two locations for ISEE preparation via this institute: Los Angeles and New York. You can contact the center at 310-315-1800 and 347-708-9941 for details regarding the course at Los Angeles and New York respectively. The classes are held in these locations. Additionally, all the material is provided and you can extra help too if you want.

  4. Self Study

    There is another option available in case you want to prepare for the ISEE test on your own. Under this option, you may start with extensive reading and writing practice sessions on your own. In case of doubts, you may approach a teacher. However, mostly you will be able to prepare on your own using the study guides or by downloading the freely available practice materials from the official website.

    In the end, it can be concluded that there is no dearth of ISEE preparation sources for you. From study guides and online video lectures to free downloadable practice material and preparation courses, you have a lot of options to choose from. However, before taking the decision to join a course or purchase the study guides, you need to go through all your options and decide wisely.

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