ISEE Prep Test

3 Methods for ISEE Prep

Those of you preparing for the ISEE test must take a full-length ISEE prep test or practice test as it is commonly known to get a thorough understanding of the ISEE test structure and format. This article focuses on the importance of an ISEE prep test for test preparation, along with the descriptions of 3 effective ISEE prep methods. Each of these methods also includes sources for ISEE practice tests since they are crucial for achieving successful test scores.

The Importance of ISEE Prep Tests:

As a first step towards familiarizing yourself with the ISEE test format, you must take a full-length ISEE prep test. This will provide you with a close simulation of the real test and also serve as a diagnostic tool to determine your strong and weak subject-areas in the test. Apart from this, you must take one or more such ISEE practice tests, during and at the end of your study phase. Moreover, such practice will improve your timing and help you attempt as many as questions possible within the time limits stipulated in the test. At the end of every prep test, you must ensure that you analyze your scores, along with the time you have taken to complete the test questions.

The 3 Most-Effective ISEE Test Preparation Methods:

  1. Official ISEE Prep Materials

    One of the best methods of ISEE prep is relying on the material published by the ERB, the official administrators of this test. The ISEE website ( provides loads of information on the structure and design of the test, along with several down-loadable manuals and other study resources. The ERB website hosts a series of "What to expect in the ISEE test" manuals for every level of the test. Each manual in this series provides a complete overview of the grade-specific ISEE test, along with an ISEE prep test, answer keys and a list of test strategies that you could follow to raise your scores.

  2. ISEE Self-Study Sources

    Apart from the official ISEE website, there are several self-study sources such as study books, flashcards, ISEE prep websites and so on. We will go over the different types of self-study ISEE prep resources available to the students today as follows:


    Books serve as the important ISEE prep source for self-study. Here is a list of books that can be purchased from any online book store such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

    It is worth noting that almost every book in this list includes at-least one ISEE prep test for the students to practice.

    Other Prep Websites:

    There are a number of good ISEE test preparation websites and blogs with vocabulary lists, practice questions (or ISEE prep tests), test-taking tips and recommendations. Here is a subset of them that you could review for your test prep:

  3. ISEE Prep Courses

    Though some students may opt for self-study methods for the ISEE test, a percentage of the students may consider ISEE prep courses for guaranteed success. Since the ISEE test is highly competitive and its scores are interpreted in comparison with the performance of the peers who took the test in a 3-year rolling period, your individual performance must be the best to outdo the rest. There are several prep courses and coaching centers offering one-on-one tutoring, ISEE prep test guidance and test-taking tips. A few of them that you could consider are listed as follows:

Such courses provide individual and personalized study plans, along with practice and diagnostic tests. However, you must compare and contrast the pros and cons of the courses against each other and weigh their cost benefits before you decide to opt for one (or choose one for your child).

Thus far, we have reviewed the importance of an ISEE prep test and 3 different, but effective methods of ISEE prep. We hope the above-mentioned ISEE prep sources discussed in this article are useful to you and help you ace this test. However, we strongly recommend that you personally verify the veracity and effectiveness of each prep source (in exception to the official ISEE website) before you decide to pick one or more of them.

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