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Review of 3 - 4 Prep Courses for ISEE

The ISEE exam is a highly competitive entrance test for the students who are looking to secure admissions into private schools in the U.S. The ISEE score of a student is always ranked (using "stanine" ranks) against a peer group of test takers and many private schools prefer students with a minimum "stanine" ranking of 7. Hence, some parents of ISEE applicants may consider enrolling their children into an ISEE prep course that will provide them with the necessary test-taking guidance and coaching and thus, help them secure the best ISEE scores possible. This article lists the reviews of 3 commonly talked-about ISEE prep courses that are available in the market today, followed by recommendations on how to select an effective ISEE prep course for your child.

The Reviews of 3 Well-known ISEE Prep Courses:

  1. TestMasters' ISEE Prep Course

    This ISEE prep course is a suite of test courses and tutoring options for all levels of the ISEE test. TestMasters is a professional coaching institute that has been providing test preparation services in the U.S. for more than 2 decades now. The highlights of this ISEE prep course are listed as follows:

    • It consists of 3 subsets - ISEE Upper-level, Mid-level and Lower-level courses.
    • At each level, this course covers the key components of the ISEE syllabus in detail.
    • There are several course options available such as classroom, online, private or custom group courses.

      • The classroom-based ISEE prep course consists of in-classroom sessions offered in different schedules by a group of 3-4 experienced tutors.
      • Though the course material is similar for both a classroom and private course, a private course offers one-on-one tutoring and individual attention to the students.
      • The online course is a digital version of the classroom course with all the sessions available as video lessons. At any time during this course, the students could contact the TestMasters' support group and clarify their doubts over the phone through limited sessions with a tutor.
      • The custom group course is a flexible option, wherein TestMasters brings the ISEE prep course to the students itself, at their school campus or other convenient locations; provided there are at-least 10 or more students who are willing to enroll in it and follow the same schedule. The schedule and location of the group class may be decided by the students themselves.
    • At all levels (and in all options) of this course, ISEE study materials are provided to the students for later review.
    • This course also includes 4 full-length practice tests, along with a review of test-taking tips and guidelines.

    To enroll in any one of the above ISEE prep options, you may visit this link -

  2. Princeton ISEE Prep Course

    This ISEE prep course is offered by Princeton Review Inc., a well known test-services organization. It offers 3 distinct options, each of which is described as follows:

    • ISEE Small Group Instruction: In this option for this ISEE prep course, only a maximum of 4 students are generally admitted into the course. It includes course content for all the 3 levels of the ISEE test. It provides about 18 hours of classroom coaching, along with 3 practice tests and subsequent individual score reports that highlight the weak and strong points of each student in the class. You may enroll for this course option at this link -

    • ISEE Classroom: This is a large-classroom session ISEE prep course and this option is only available for the ISEE upper-level test. It includes 15 hours of classroom coaching, 3 practice tests and individual score reports. To enroll in this course option, you may click on -

    • ISEE tutoring: This includes private tutoring facilities for all ISEE test levels. To enroll in this course option, you may visit this link -

  3. KapTest ISEE Private Tutoring

    The highlights of this ISEE prep course, offered by the renowned Kaplan Test Prep institute, are listed as follows:

    • It is available for all levels of the ISEE test.
    • It provides personalized instruction and individual guidance.
    • It includes an ISEE study guide.

    To enroll in this course, you may click on

The 5 Best Tips to Pick an Effective ISEE Prep Course:

Though the features of the above-mentioned ISEE prep courses may look alluring and seem highly effective, we recommend that you do not go by them blindly. We suggest that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines to select the best ISEE prep course for your child:

  1. You must check the credentials of the institute and tutors who are offering the course, so that you can ensure that they are well-qualified.

  2. Finally, the course must include reviews and instructions for all the sections of the ISEE test.

  3. You should look for courses that provide out-of-course review materials, so that your child may revise them even after the course is completed.

  4. The course that you pick must include at-least 1 or 2 full-length practice tests.

  5. The course that you select must provide test-taking tips and strategies that are specific to the ISEE test and question types.

Thus far, we have discussed 3 well-known ISEE prep courses, along with a list of guidelines to follow while selecting an ISEE prep course for your child. We recommend that you research exhaustively and compare the available courses for their pros and cons and then, choose the one that best suits the learning needs of your child.

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