ISEE Exam Registration

How to Plan and Execute Registering for ISEE?

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) has created a standardized test known as the Independent School of Entrance Exam (ISEE) which is used by many private day schools and boarding schools across the United States as a screening tool during their admission process.

The ISEE exam is an aptitude test conducted for students to ensure that all students with similar learning capabilities are enrolled into similar grades. Since this test decides the future of the student’s school, it is important for parents/guardians to learn and understand the ISEE exam registration process and be aware of the individual school guidelines beforehand.

About the ISEE Exam:

This test is conducted for students from grade 4 to grade 12 and is divided into three levels i.e. the Lower Level, the Middle Level and the Upper Level. The test sections of the ISEE exam are based on the concepts of Standard English Language and Mathematics. It should be known that this test involves five sub-tests which are Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Mathematics and an Essay Writing Section. All the questions, except the essay section, in the ISEE test, are in the multiple-choice format. Moreover, the time duration for the entire test conducted at every level would differ.

Important Points to Remember During ISEE Exam Registration:

  • Registration Fee: It is important to check the fee amount required for the ISEE exam registration according to the ERB guidelines since each registration mode is charged differently.

  • Receipt of Registration: It is essential that you cross check the receipt of the test registration which would be provided after payment as this has to be produced at the test center on the day of the test.

  • Test Date Selection: There has to be time set aside for test preparations. Hence, it is suggested that you choose test dates accordingly to ensure that students are well-prepared for this test.

  • Test Center Selection: It is important to select the appropriate test center for the ISEE test which is convenient and easy to reach. Moreover, since there is a possibility that you might not get the test center of your choice during the ISEE exam registration process, it is always better to shortlist more than one location.

  • Selecting Schools for the ISR: According to the ERB guidelines, a student can choose 6 schools during the ISEE exam registration process to which the ISR, along with the photocopied essays, would be sent for free.

During the ISEE exam registration process, students with learning challenges can mention their details by submitting a document for the same who would receive special accommodations. Moreover, you can visit and gain more information on the special considerations given to students with learning differences.

ISEE Exam Registration Options:

The ISEE exam registration has many options which make it easy for parents/guardians to choose their convenient mode. These options are:

  • Online Registration: There are certain benefits associated with this mode and hence it is commonly chosen by parent/guardians. Through the online ISEE exam registration method, one can choose their preferred testing dates and test centers, reprint the verification letter and also request to change the recipients (school names) for the ISEE score report.

  • Mail-In Registration: One can avail this ISEE exam registration option by filling out a mail-in request form which is available in the printed ISEE Students Guide only. It should be known that there is no other way provided by ERB to avail this request form.

  • Registration over the Phone: Parents/guardians can complete the ISEE exam registration over the phone as well. However, it should be known that there is an additional fee of 20$ charged in this option.

The test guidelines also mention that the ISEE exam registration fee would not be refunded in case the student does not clear the test. However, the student is free to retake the test after a period of 6 months.

It is suggested that you visit and get more information on the registration fee and test centers available for the ISEE exam. It is important for students to complete the ISEE exam registration process by following all the instructions mentioned according to the ERB guidelines.

Even though the ISEE exam registration process is simple, it is suggested that students get registered early instead of feeling relaxed about it. This would also allow one to prepare for this test with a focused mind. Since the ISEE test results decide one’s career in schooling, students have to be well- prepared to ace this test with a high score.

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