ISEE Essay

Description of ISEE Essay

Many private day schools and boarding schools across United States accept the test results of the Independent School of Entrance Exam (ISEE) which is designed by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB). This test is taken in order to ensure that each grade has students with similar learning potentials.

About the ISEE Exam:

The ISEE exam consists of five sub-tests which are the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning tests, the Reading Comprehension and Mathematics tests and the ISEE Essay Writing test. The same pattern is conducted for students from grade 4 to grade 12. Therefore, this test is divided into three levels i.e. the Lower Level, the Middle Level and the Upper Level.

It should be known that all the questions, except the ISEE Essay Writing test, are in the multiple-choice format. The essays written by students are not scored by ERB; in fact, the test results of the ISEE exam do not include scores of the Essay Writing test.

Understanding the ISEE Essay Test:

The ISEE Testing pattern involves the knowledge of the concepts of the Standard English language and Mathematics. Thus, there are two sub-tests based on Mathematics and three sub-tests based on English Language in this test.

It should be known the students are required to write the ISEE Essay within 30 minutes and this timeframe is same for all the levels. All essays are photocopied and sent with the ISEE test score to those schools which students have mentioned during the registration. These essays are evaluated by school faculties and counselors and their score is clubbed with the ISEE test score in order to arrive to the final test result.

Since the ISEE Essay Writing test is scored by schools respectively, the criteria for its scoring would differ. Therefore, it becomes even more important for the student to do well on this test. There are many study resources available for preparing essay writing skills required for this test.

ERB has published a study guide "What to Expect on the ISEE" which can be availed for free online at . However, you can get the hard copy for this book at a specific charge. This study guide contains essay writing tips and sample ISEE Essay topics. Apart from this guide, there are other study resources available in the online and offline markets which contain helpful essay writing strategies.

For example, you can purchase the SSAT & ISEE for Dummies at
This study guide contains essay writing strategies which have proved to be beneficial for many students. Alongside, the most recent edition of Cracking the SSAT & ISEE which is available at is another helpful study resource for ISEE Essay writing.

Helpful Tips for ISEE Essay Writing:

  • Organize Your Thoughts: It is important to organize the thoughts once the ISEE Essay topic is given. One should have a fair idea of what he or she wants to write and think of relevant examples which would support the viewpoints.

  • Prepare an Outline: Since students would get only 30 minutes for the ISEE Essay, it is suggested that an outline of the essay is prepared before writing it. This would ensure a proper flow throughout the write-up.

  • Preparing the Final Draft: It is better to prepare the final draft as soon as the outline of the ISEE Essay is in place. One should use simple words and construct proper sentences in order to write a good essay.

  • Recheck for Errors: Students should manage their time in such a manner that there is time left to go through the essay once again and recheck for any grammatical errors. It is suggested to minimize errors in order to produce a neat copy for the ISEE Essay Writing test.

The ISEE Essay Writing exam is a basic written skills test and the topics mentioned would be fairly general and simple. Since these essays are sent to schools directly, it becomes important for students to create a good ISEE Essay write-up in order to get a good score. It is important to remember that attaining a high ISEE test score would help students to obtain an admission in their desired schools. Therefore, it is suggested that students work hard and utilize the right study resources to achieve their goal and brighten their schooling career.

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