Best Method to Study from an ISEE Book

The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is basically a common entrance test which is used by many independent schools across the USA for the purposes of admission. It is developed and conducted by the ERB, Educational Records Bureau. There are three levels of this test and each level contains five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and a 30-minute section on essay-writing. The official website of the ISEE is There are many sources for preparing for the ISEE test. This article discusses some of the best books available for ISEE practice. You can go through their reviews and then decide which ISEE book you want to use for the preparation.

Review of 3 Common ISEE Books

  1. SSAT and ISEE for Dummies (By Vince Kotchian and Curt Simmons)

    You can purchase this ISEE book online at, by paying 13.85$M instead of the actual list price of 19.99$.

    This ISEE book is one of the best ISEE study guides available in the market. It contains chapter-wise detailed analysis of each section of the ISEE test. It begins with an introduction of the ISEE test and the basic strategies that are sure to help in solving each of the five sections. There are special chapters dedicated to the building up of vocabulary and practicing it through numerous drills in this book. A number of exercises on the Reading, grammar and vocabulary-based questions are also given.

    There are a total of 30 chapters in this book that include in-depth analysis of question types along with practice tests for each of the three levels. At the end, there is a section that gives you tips and strategies for the test day.

  2. Cracking the SSAT and ISEE (By The Princeton Review)

    In order to purchase this book online, you can visit The price you need to pay is 12.74$ instead of the actual list price of 19.99$.

    This ISEE book starts with a detailed description of the ISEE test. The book is divided into many chapters, one each for every section of the test. At the end of the book, there are three practice tests, one for each of the three levels: Upper Level, Middle Level and Lower Level. The tests are followed by detailed explanations for each answer.

  3. McGraw Hills SSAT/ISEE (By Nicholas Falletta)

    You can purchase this ISEE book online at, by paying 12.84$. The actual list price of the book is 19.00$.

This ISEE book begins with an overview into the test. There are details given regarding the test sections, types of questions and the three different levels. Then it starts highlighting the strategies that have been found to be useful for the Reading, Writing and Verbal sections of this test. The format of each question is explained along with a number of examples for ample practice.

There are a number of chapters specially designed for the Mathematical concepts and their practice. At the end of the book there are three practice tests, one for each of the three levels. Each test is followed by its answer key and detailed answer explanation.

How to Study Effectively from an ISEE Book

It is important to know that just purchasing an ISEE book is not enough. You need to use it in an effective and appropriate manner too. Here are some points which can be considered for ensuring this:

- Each book has a pattern which needs to be followed.
- There are different strategies in various books. You need to learn those through practice and then apply them to the questions given in the book.
- All your techniques and strengths will be tested when you give the full-length practice tests.
- Since there is one practice test for each level in one book, you may have to buy more than one ISEE book for your preparation.

In the end, it can be concluded that it is important to use an ISEE book for your preparation. Not only will it provide you with an overview of the test, but will also help you master key strategies for cracking the exam. Additionally, you will need some practice tests, which you can get easily from the ISEE book that you purchase.

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