Study for IELTS

10 Study Tips for IELTS

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a globally accepted test of English, which facilitates the students to study or participate in training programs in those countries where English is the primary language of communication. The score of this test is accepted by government and professional organizations, educational institutions and immigration authorities in countries like UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. By taking this test, the candidates are able to demonstrate their skill and competence in English Language through the following modules:

  • Academic Training: This version of the test is taken by those students who want to take up academic courses in graduate and postgraduate levels or those who want to pursue professional registration.

  • General Training: This module is meant for those candidates who wish to migrate to English-speaking countries for pursuing education or training at the undergraduate level.

There are different norms or requirements for each organization or institution about the modules or version of the test that they accept and you should know which version of the test you should take while applying for the same.

How to Study for IELTS

It is one of the most reliable tests of English that is recognized all over the world and proper study is the most important aspect to score well in this examination. The candidates should be familiar with the four sections of the test, which include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

While the Speaking and Listening tests are similar for both the modules, the Reading and Writing sections differ in each version and the entire test is conducted within 2 hrs 45 minutes. As far as exam preparation is concerned, the candidates should follow these steps to consolidate their level of preparation:

  • It is necessary to gather comprehensive information about the test sections and the questions that are generally asked in this test.

  • The Official Practice Materials for this test include details about the format of the test and the sample questions. Test takers can acquire these preparation materials from the local test centre or through online orders. This is an important milestone with respect to studying for this exam.

  • When it comes to study, planned preparation goes a long way in assisting the students for getting the desired scores and they should ideally use the official study materials that are constantly updated to help the students with preparation for the test.

10 Study Tips for IELTS

The following study tips or advice will help you to determine how well you can score in this test:

  • Mock tests should be taken as this is a proven method to raise scores in this examination.

  • You should be careful about the word limit of some of the questions that are asked in this section. You should not refrain from making guesses because there are no deductions for wrong answers.

  • Familiarity with the test sections is necessary because you will need some time before you are able to attain perfection in each section.

  • The study time should be utilized in an effective manner and you should be proactive about working on your weaknesses.

  • Although the test procedure is not complicated, you should know exactly how you need to tackle each section for getting good scores.

  • You should not get confused while appearing for the Speaking Section, which is trickier than others as some examinees get baffled by the idiosyncrasies of the examiners, which is part of the testing process.

  • In the Writing Section, be careful about maintaining the word limit as lesser word count may force the examiners to evaluate the exact number of words.

  • You might want to consider the option of studying in groups that encourage active participation and allow new ideas to spring up.

  • It is not a good idea to get into intensive study schedules without taking breaks as it slows down the preparation level.

  • You should study well and seek advice from appropriate resources so that you can use the knowledge to score better in this test.


Studying for IELTS requires you to follow a proper study plan with the help of appropriate study materials and practice tests in order to realize your academic goals.

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