Score of IELTS

Interpretation of IELTS Score Bands

What is IELTS?

This is an examination that a person has to take if he wishes to take up international employment or if he wishes to study abroad where English is the native language. Basically, this is a test that will assess the English language proficiency of an individual. This test is managed by three bodies and these are:

  • The British Council
  • The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations
  • IDP Education Pty Ltd

If you look for information on this test, you will find that there are two versions. The first one is the Academic Version and the other one is the General Training Version. Before taking this examination, you will benefit if you try to find out more about the score of IELTS as this will give you a good idea about how the various sections will be scored.


The scoring process in IELTS is different from the scores of other examinations because they are in the form of bands. The band that an individual can obtain can range from 0-9. If you are very proficient in the English language, you will be able to get a high score band. This is the reason why you need to start preparing for this test as early as you can so that you will be able to obtain a high band.

  • Band 0: This is the minimum score that an individual can obtain in this test. Generally, if a person has enrolled for the test but did not take it for some reason, he will be given a 0 band.

  • Band 1: If an individual gets this score band, it means that he can only speak a few words in the English language, nothing more.

  • Band 2: This is also considered to be a very low score and it generally means that the user cannot communicate well in the language except for speaking those words that would meet his immediate needs.

  • Band 3: Users who get this score band can only understand and speak very general English language.

  • Band 4: Getting this band means that the candidate is a limited English speaker and he often faces problems when using complicated words or sentences.

  • Band 5: The candidate who gets this band is a moderate user and he only has partial command over the English language. He may understand many things in the language but he will make many errors.

  • Band 6: An individual who gets this score is a competent user. This means that while he makes mistakes using the English language, he can speak and understand it most of the time. He is also able to understand and use complicated language in familiar circumstances.

  • Band 7: Any person who gets a score band of 7 is a good user and he can use and understand difficult words and sentences well.

  • Band 8: A person who obtains this score band is a very good user and he rarely makes mistakes.

  • Band 9: This is the highest score band an individual can obtain. Getting this score means that the user is fluent and accurate in the English language and he understands it completely.

Taking the Test...

Now that you know about score bands, your aim should be to get a band as high as possible. For this purpose, you need to prepare for the test in advance so that you will be able to familiarize yourself with the formats and work on the questions effectively. Do remember that you need to set aside time to study because there is no substitute for it. Also ensure to register for the same months in advance so as to ensure you secure a seat for the test.

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