Preparation of IELTS

Different Means of Preparation of IELTS

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the most popular medium for testing the level of knowledge of English language. The test is conducted at around 500 test centers across the world on 48 fixed test dates in a year that means, 4 times in a month.

Students or Job Seekers desirous of studying or working in a country, where English is a medium of instruction are required to attempt the test. Academic training is for education purpose and General Training is for migration and work purposes.

Even though the test's scores do not classify a person as fail or pass, getting a good score is an added advantage for getting selected. This exam tests your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills based on the English language.

Different Means of Preparation of IELTS

You should begin the preparation for the test at least 3-4 months in advance. Each section of IELTS should be given equal importance. Reading newspapers, books and articles, listening to news, speeches and different conversations will help in increasing your vocabulary and grammar. Practice writing essays or summaries about what you have read. Never miss a chance that you get for speaking in public, try to communicate with your family and friends using English. Make all the activities mentioned above a part of your daily habits. These are necessary for getting a good score in all the four sections of the test. There are different means of preparation; the common means are mentioned below.

  • Joining a prep course at an institute near you
  • Opting for an online course
  • Getting the services of a private tutor
  • Joining your friends for group study
  • Self study

If you are a little confused about selecting the appropriate method of preparation, then you should understand that, if you have the time and budget to join some courses, then you can select from the different courses available in the market. Some institutes like Kaplan's, Victoria School of English, British Council etc. provide different means of preparation.

Joining an institute or registering for an online course or studying under a private tutor provides you with the necessary guidance on how to proceed. They will guide you on which study material to buy and will be available to support you in case of any doubts.

Online courses are suitable for those who don't have time to go and attend a class in an institute. Going online is becoming the latest trend; you can take classes by sitting in the comforts of your home or at your workplace or in a park. You can access the classes from any place, the only condition being you must have internet access at that place. The class schedule can be set according to your convenience. You can interact with your tutors and clear your doubts, in the same way as that of a regular classroom session.

Studying under a private tutor is also becoming a popular trend. The advantage is that you, as an 'individual', get the importance. The course material is customized to suit your requirements and the schedule is also arrived at after knowing about your convenience. You can get the services of a private tutor at his place or at your home. Group tutoring is also available, where a group of 2-4 students come together for learning by a common tutor.

Self study and group study are suitable for those who are self motivated. Here, you are studying on your own or in the company of your friends. You have to decide up on the study materials and study schedule that work best for you. You need to check the pace of your learning and in case of any doubts, you need to search the appropriate source for clarifying your doubts.

Preparation for the test should begin after identifying your ultimate goal. If you want to study or work in an English speaking country, then you have to get a good score. When your goal is clear, preparation will also occur smoothly.

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