IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation Options that You Must Consider

International English Language Testing System is a globally accepted examination for testing the knowledge and efficiency of English language. It is a popular test, considering the fact that over six thousand organizations accept the score of this test that include immigration authorities, professional organizations, multinational companies and government bodies. The British Council IDP in association with IELTS Australia, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations administer the test. The examination is conducted in two different versions:

  • Academic Test: This test is taken by those people who are interested to pursue academics in an English speaking country.
  • General Training Test: This is meant for those people who want to migrate to an English speaking country, or get a work experience, for training or secondary schooling.

Sections of IELTS

The students should be aware of the category of test that they would be taking during the completion of application form or write to the concerned organization about their requirements. The duration of this test is 2 hours 45 minutes and includes the following test sections:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

How to Prepare for IELTS

The applicants can order for the official test preparation materials when it comes to test preparation to know the format of the test. However, the following points will help the applicants to consolidate test preparation:

  • The first and the foremost aspects of prep are to understand the test format and the sections properly. Thereafter, the applicants should try to explore the types of questions that they should consider for preparation.

  • The test follows a rigid and austere format as it is a test that pertains to highest standards and it is necessary to hone the skills of English before appearing for the test.

  • The applicants should learn about the strategies for taking the test that will increase their chances of getting admission in a university abroad or any other purpose for which the test is being taken.

  • Taking a mock or practice test is an excellent method that should be considered for preparation.

  • Taking preparation courses that are reliable and authentic will help the applicants to track their progress and assess their level of preparation as far as taking test is concerned.

  • It is also necessary to consider the latest and updated materials when it comes to preparing yourself.

Preparation Options That You Should Consider for IELTS

While there are several modes and methods of preparation, these are the two options that you should not miss if you are taking this test:

  • Test preparation courses offered by British Council: This course should be considered by the students where the instructors are trained and qualified test teachers and the students will also have access to their library to get preparatory materials. Taking this course will help the test applicants to understand the types of questions that they can expect and the way in which they should answer to maximize their scores. Besides this, they will also learn about the strategies for taking the test. The applicants should either consider the Intensive 20-hour course held for 5 days or the Regular 32-hour course that continues for 8 weeks. The students can log on to for more information about these courses.

  • IELTS Practice Materials: The test materials are offered in two volumes that contain all the samples of the test sections along with sample answers and comments by examiners. These are the only study materials that are authorized by the partners of IELTS and the most reliable source for preparation. Beside this, the applicants can try to access sample questions that are available online and they can also contact the local test centre for workshops that are held and aid in the preparation of this examination. There are two volumes of practice materials. While Volume 1 comes with a CD that comprises the Listening test samples, volume 2 contains a DVD that helps the applicants to take the Speaking test. The students should log on to to get an idea about test samples.


This test is important because it is the most effective means for testing the skills of English  for over 20 years. The candidates should emphasize on considering appropriate preparation materials to score well in this exam and fulfill their purpose for taking this test.