Online IELTS Training

Top 5 Online Classes for IELTS Training

IELTS is one of the most widely accepted, standardized exams to evaluate English language proficiency. Test preparation calls for a great amount dedication, planning, and systematic studying. From self-study to online study, a number of ways exist today to help you prepare for the exam. Online training programs, in addition to online books and materials, are catching up for preparation because of the high flexibility that they offer. Many big names in the exam preparation industry have been entering the field to change the way you prepare for test. Here is a review of some of the online programs available today.

1. Road to IELTS (

This is an online course prepared by the British Council - the joint owner and test delivery partner of the International English Language Testing System. This course is freely accessible to all those who take the exam through the British Council. After registering for the exam with the British Council, you could use the same login credentials to log on to the above portal also.

  • There are two different versions of the course for the Academic and General Training versions of the test.
  • For both versions, the course includes three modules of materials (30 hours each) and comprises topics and exercises to cover all the four sections of the test (Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening).
  • The tasks for each of the sections are as authentic and real as for the real exam.
  • Answers to the questions are provided, and you could get instant feedback for your queries and doubts as well.

The materials provided by Road to IELTS are said to be suitable for those who wish to study online, and also for those who are test instructors. Considering all these features, what else would you require than getting it all from the horse's mouth?!

2. IELTS Master (

This is an online program by the CME (the Macquarie University English Language Centre). It is a comprehensive and detailed program that includes preparation materials and practice papers, and is accessible for 90 days from the first login.

  • It covers all the four sections of the exam and has more than 250 activities for you. Answers to questions are provided with relevant details.
  • The course also includes 5+ hours of audio materials.
  • Feedback and tips are other important features of this online training program.
  • It also has recording tools with which you can practice for the Speaking section of the exam.
  • You could also avail online tutors, if required, by paying for their services.

Founded by the Australian Government, the CME is an accomplished center for English language programs. This comprehensive 24x7 program is guaranteed to make you feel more confident.

3. IELTS Express (

Offered by CME Australia, IELTS Express is another popular online program that can be accessed 24x7 for 45 days from the first day of login. The program is designed to help you prepare quickly for the exam.

  • This program includes different modules focusing on each of the test's sections.
  • It has sample test questions and guided activities for each of the sections and it also includes two practice tests.
  • If you register for this program, you could also get access to supplementary materials for the General Training version of the test.

This is considered an excellent program by many, if you are short of time and want to learn and revise everything really quickly. The program is structured in such a way that you can learn about the format and pattern of the exam quickly.

4. IELTS4U (

IELTS4U is all about studying for the test from the convenience of your home. This program is highly interactive and is accessible through video classes. You could register for the Academic version or the General Training version, as the requirement may be. There are three plans available, for one month, two months, and three months.

  • This program is designed to include an impressive number of practice exams for the Listening, Writing, and Reading sections of the exam (for both versions).
  • The video classes are offered in all the four sections of the test.
  • You could take the classes as and when required, during the validity period.
  • For practice questions, you could get your answers corrected with feedback from the tutors within one working day.

In addition to video classes, this program allows you to avail a tutor's help by means of chat and emails. This provides you with high amount of flexibility. The course providers claim that 89% of IELTS4U online training program students scored band 7 or above in 2011.

5. iPass IELTS Excel (

This online programs is by iPass, an online learning center or community for English language resources and programs. It provides you with a highly interactive and intensive program for preparation.

  • The program consists of interactive lessons for all the four modules, for both the versions of the test.
  • Grammar and vocabulary lessons are included so that you could sharpen your skills for the Writing section.
  • In addition, 12 practice tests are included.
  • You could also avail feedback from a tutor, for five practice tests online.

iPass IELTS Excel instructors and content creators are highly experienced resources in the English language teaching field. The course is offered at a highly competitive price.