Preparation Material for IELTS

Free IELTS Materials that You Should Not Miss

IELTS is an examination designed to test your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding instructions delivered in English. The examination is held 4 times in a month in nearly 500 test centers all over the world. It is a widely accepted English proficiency test and is accepted by almost 6000 institutes in 135 countries. Although, the examination is apparently not difficult, yet it requires hard work and practice. Hence, downloading good study material for test is essential. To help you with the selection some good material for the test some links and their review are discussed in the following section.

Links to Some IELTS Materials

Collecting sufficient amount of study materials is essential before you start preparing, so that you don't waste time downloading them. Some links for study materials available free of cost are as follows:

  • : This is the link to the official test website. If you require authentic test material then you could consider this website. The material is divided broadly into the following parts:

    • Materials for Academic Reading
    • Materials for Academic Writing
    • Materials for General Reading
    • Materials for General Writing
    • Materials for Speaking
    • Materials for Listening

    As it is evident from the afore-mentioned list that the material provided in this website is prepared keeping in mind the specific requirements of candidates. For example: If you wish pursue further studies in institutes of UK then you will have to appear for Academic Writing and Reading. So you will need to download study aids that will teach you how to prepare for the academic version of the test. If you require materials that are intensive, as well as, specific then you should buy the materials available in this website.

  • : This test is organized by the University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations. Hence, the materials provided by them incorporate their years of experience in them. Moreover, the study materials prepared by them are very extensive.
    The question and the answer scripts are all in pdf formats and can be downloaded free of cost. The answer scripts are exactly like the ones you will come across in the test. They will even provide a study plan with an in-depth research about the procedure, format, and FAQs about the examination. Thus, if you want original and holistic perspective of the test then you can consider the materials from Cambridge.

  • The British Council too offers test preparatory material. Although, this link will take you to the homepage of India, yet you can access the same material from the British Council homepage of your country. But, you can be assured that the prep aids available on the British Council homepage of your country will be the same. The material provided by them comprises 4 previously administered IELTS tests, as well as, an online preparatory course. Since the practice modules contain original test questions you will be able to get a feel of the questions of the original examination. You can become adept at solving test questions efficiently by appearing for as many mock tests as you can. Thus, if it is practice that you require then you can check the test material of this website.

  • : This website provides 4 separate practice modules for students appearing for the examination for academic purposes and for those who wish to take the test for administrative purposes, like immigration. Their practice tests are designed to help you identify your weaknesses from the review they provide. However, this is a paid site as well; hence if you need more practice or any other help then you will have to pay for it. Good test materials will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and if that is all you need then this website will help you identify them for free.

Thus, based on the afore-mentioned list you can now select the website that is best suited for your requirements. Some other points that you should remember while selecting the test material best suited for you are discussed in the following section.

Choose the Ideal IELTS Material

The best test preparatory materials are the ones that give equal attention to all 4 sections of the examination. While selecting your study aids you should take into account the following points:

  • The prep materials should be designed separately based on the purpose for which the candidates are appearing for the examination.
  • The materials should come with sufficient numbers of listening exercises to help you get used to English proverbs and idioms.
  • The preparatory material should also comprise sufficient number of practice modules.
  • The materials should address your weaknesses, for example, if you are weak in the Writing section then choose study materials that give comparatively more attention to that section of the test.

Hence, when you select the test preparatory material ensure that you keep the afore-mentioned points in mind. So select the material that you need and start preparing!