Writing Topics for IELTS

Where Can You Find IELTS Writing Topics?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English test that is administered by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations in collaboration with the British Council and the IDP Education Pvt Ltd. The English test can be taken by the candidates who would prefer to either study or work in an English-speaking country. If you wish to pursue your graduation or wish to work in a country where English is the native language, then you can appear for this test. The test score is accepted by many institutions in over 125 countries worldwide. The test paper is designed to assess your abilities in the four crucial areas of English language, which are the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The following article clearly explains to you about the Writing section of the test and presents to you some sources, where you can find IELTS writing topics for your preparation.

Writing Section

The test is basically administered in two different versions, one for students who look forward to study and the other for the candidates who look forward to a job opportunity. The former section of students needs to attempt the Academic module of the test and the latter need to attempt the General Training module of the test. The Writing section of the test for the above-mentioned versions differ a little bit. This section lasts for a total duration of 60 minutes in which you will be given two tasks to be answered in an essay-writing format.

The task one of the Academic test version will generally be a pictorial representation of data, like a table, graph etc and you will have to summarize the content in an essay format. The task one of the General Training test version is a letter writing task. The task two of both the test versions involves writing an essay based upon a given argument or opinion. The task two of the writing section might contain topics of any subject. The topics for the task two of the Writing section requires presentation of your ideas and opinions in a very neat and organized manner.

Where Can You Find IELTS Writing Support?

If you would really want to do well in the writing section, then you must hone your writing skills with rigorous practice. You can get many sample topics for your practice across the Internet. However, there are some organized teaching and learning tips based upon some writing topics presented by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations for helping students to deal with task two of the Writing section in a much better way. You may refer to the following links to find some learning tips:

On the pages of the above given links, you will find downloadable files for all the different tasks of the Writing section of both the versions of the IELTS. You will find many tips and some examples for understanding the writing section in a much better way. Try to apply the tips in writing good essays for the test.

Where to Find IELTS Writing Topics?

These topics are somewhat easy to be formulated by self. You may formulate a test writing topic based upon your daily observations, news articles or situations in your school. Just take some situation and try to present your opinion from the exam point of view. Support your argument with substantial examples convincingly. However, over the Internet, you will find thousands of topics that you can use for your preparation for the Writing section of the test. Make sure that you always follow the good essay writing etiquette like maintaining a flow over the expression of your ideas, dividing the text into paragraphs in a meaningful way. Do not deviate from the original discussion. You may refer to the following links to find some writing topics for your practice: