Ielts Writing Samples

'Smoking is a bad habit and should be abandoned completely world wide'.

Give your views in not less than 250 words.

When it comes to smoking, the first thought that comes to mind is lung cancer. Many people are suffering from this illness because they have been smoking excessively and they are now regretting why they started in the first place. You may or may not know it but smoking is considered to be one of the main causes of premature deaths that could have been prevented. It has been reported that people who smoke have a higher risk of getting a heart attack as compared to the non-smokers. Research also showed that about eighty percent of the smokers are generally diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, heart disease and emphysema.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health but yet they are unable to stop themselves from burning another cigarette. If you have looked at the cigarette packs, you will find that these packets generally have the words 'smoking is injurious to health' printed on them. Smokers know that they should stop smoking but it is because they are so used to it that they are unable to stop themselves.

If you think that only smokers are negatively affected, then you are mistaken because even the second-hand smokers' health is at risk. There are so many problems that the second hand smokers face such as discomfort in the chest, reduced lung function, phlegm and coughing. Babies who are below the age of eighteen months suffer from respiratory tract infections caused by second-hand smoking. Older children are also at risk of suffering from reduced lungs functioning because of second-hand smoking.

There are so many reasons why smoking should be banned all over the world and these are just few of the reasons why people should seriously think about quitting smoking. With so many problems that people face because of cigarettes, it is in the welfare of everyone that smokers are aware of the ill effects of smoking.