Writing Sample for IELTS

The IELTS writing sample differs a bit for both the Academic module and the General Training module. There will be two tasks for each of the test versions. Task two of section consists of an opinion, view or argument upon which you are required to write an essay. For attempting task two of this section, you will have 40 minutes. In the allotted time, you need to frame the ideas for the writing sample essay, build the structure of the essay in your mind and then present it neatly.

You must be very conscious in presenting the sample essay without any mistakes. Your sample essay must be legible and must clearly express your idea of the opinion or the argument. For this, work hard and develop your writing skills to present the writing sample essay finely.


Some people believe that children's leisure activities must be educational; otherwise they are a complete waste of time. (Random topic selected from web)

Do you agree or disagree?


Raising children under the right guidance is a very important factor that decides many aspects of their future life. Similarly, the aspects pertaining to raising children are widely discussed and debated over family gatherings and other meetings. The opinions expressed in this essay are my views regarding the belief that a child's leisure activities must be educational and how far is it correct to quote that a children's leisure activities are waste if they are not strictly related to educational importance.

Primarily, in any culture or any history, education is regarded as an all-round development of a child. By all-round development, we mean the nurturing of educational intellect along with physical and mental strength and, of course, character. So, complete education is that which imbibes in a child the right character coupled with physical and mental growth in proportion. I personally do not support the idea that children's leisure activities must be strictly of educational importance and that if not, they are waste. I reinforce my opinion, being supportive towards the idea of all-round development.

Leisure activities might commonly include playing indoor or outdoor, gardening, serving or might it be any other activity. The principle idea behind such leisure activities is to give space for a child's personal development in terms of confidence, courage, socializing and more. If a child is subject to hours of continuous classroom bound teaching, he/she may lose the integrity of educational values altogether. To be free of shyness or in some cases fear, to cultivate the habit of mingling with people well, an all-round educational environment is often recommended for an introvert child and this fact supports my point of view. Further, leisure activities that help a child grow physically or mentally indirectly help it to stay active in education. A child who participates in leisure activities together with education learns many other qualities, such as proactive participation in activities, interpersonal relationships, contribution and so on.

Personally, I do feel that education is really very important but it would have a better impact if it were coupled with leisure activities that help a child grow physically and mentally strong.

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