Writing Practice for IELTS

Practice is very instrumental for your success in the Writing section of the test. You must improve your writing skills in order to develop a good content, using essentials such as good vocabulary. By using this, you can write error-free essays. You can successfully score a high band score only with effective practice for writing techniques. You may surf through the Internet to find many practice tips that will monumentally help you to achieve competence in writing a good essay.

With practice, you will gain skills that are useful not only in the Writing section of the test but also in all the other test areas. Although you get practice sessions at your institute, it is advised that you make some more extra time for your practice. The following article is a test writing sample that you can use to kick-start your practice.


Modern technology is transforming the way we work and is of benefit to our society. How far you think our social lives are influenced by modern technology.


Science has taken great turns and has revolutionized our way of living in all the aspects. Starting from shopping to medication, daily-need products to electrical appliances, Internet and many more, in every possible way, mankind is observing technological changes. To say that modern technology is the main reason for the change in society cannot be an exaggeration.

Since the invention of the wheel, mankind has struggled hard in every walk of life to make lives easier. During the period between the 17th and 18th centuries, Science and technology took a giant leap towards enhancing the quality of life. Surely, we can say that all the inventions that brought in cutting-edge technologies have made lives easier thus making their use beneficial to the society. This period is considered the era of the greatest scientific revolution. Many great scientists like Galileo Galilei, Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek, Kepler, Isaac Newton belong to this era of scientific revolution. Subjects ranging from Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology have all been explored extensively to develop concepts that have become the foundation to many of the present day technologies.

In the present day, every object we use is equipped with the most modern technology. Moreover, the technologies that are emerging today depend largely upon our needs and benefits. For instance, we are extensively using the non-renewable fuel, petrol and diesel for our vehicles. This fuel is a limited resource and is bound for exhaustion. Therefore, this area is being researched continuously in order to develop new technologies that run either on electricity or hydrogen fuel. This is an emerging technology that is due to evolve based upon the needs and benefits to the mankind. Further, technologies in lives have made people subject to changes socially. Due to the advent of the Internet, social networking has evolved. Social networking has surely made the world more remote. It is just so simple to stay in touch with all your friends and family even though you are miles apart from each other.

In brief, I would like to conclude my views on the influence of modern technologies in our lives by saying that many new technologies have emerged only based upon the needs and the benefits of society. They have brought in a change in our social lives too.

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