IELTS Writing Examples

The IELTS Writing test section requires you to answer the given task with an essay. To present a good essay, you must practice some sample examples for the writing section, so that you develop the skill of writing. Working on examples gives you confidence to perform well in the exam. You can find many ready examples over the Internet for your practice. In fact, any situation that you may confront in your daily life can be used as a topic for you to develop some examples on your own. Practicing in such a way, you will have the freedom to select the topic of your choice and express your opinions based upon your previous observations. Work on as many writing examples as possible to gain competence over this section.

Task two of the Writing section is allotted 40 minutes. You have to develop the essay in the allotted time only. If you have practiced many writing examples, then it becomes easy for you to frame a new essay upon any given topic. You must review your examples while you practice and avoid repeating mistakes that you may have committed.


Are famous people treated unfairly by the media? Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of their fame an invasion into their private lives?

Do you agree or disagree? Support your argument.


The power of media has grown exponentially and in proportion with technology. Earlier, printing was the main technology, on which the media relied upon. In the modern world, there are many types of media used for news propaganda. Internet has revolutionized every business that relied upon technology and media is definitely one of them. With heavy competition existing between different media firms, the pressure upon journalists and media persons has grown to an extent that they care least about the concerns of the public. Regarding their ruthless behavior towards celebrities, I do not consider it fair. The following article expresses my take on the behavior of media towards celebrities.

Celebrities are famous persons who are often recognized due to their huge success in any particular field, or for being very rich. Such people are mainly targeted by the media. The reason for media hounding them is that they derive huge revenues based upon such news items or gossips. In this process, the celebrities are followed everywhere. In a way, they are deprived of any privacy that they deserve. This kind of behavior of media towards famous people is truly unfair because the celebrities are deprived of their utmost private moments.

Consider the situation of one of the most famous singers, Amy Winehouse. Due to exaggerated media following, she availed the Protection from Harassment Act in order to restrain the media from taking pictures of her or following her. This is a very good example that explains the ruthlessness of media towards a particular celebrity. Likewise, there are many other situations in which media's behavior towards famous people is regarded unfair. Fame is what they might have earned due to hard work or talent but losing privacy in their lives must not be the price that they pay for it.

To sum up, the media's role is monumental in the effective functioning of a country but they must not really take away the privacy of people who are loved by all and considered great in history.

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