Tutoring for IELTS

How Can IELTS Tutoring Help You Score Better

Tutoring is offered by many companies for students who want help for the preparation of the test. Before we review a few of the tutoring companies and options, let us understand how tutoring adds value to the test preparation.

How IELTS Tutoring Helps to Score Better

  • Professional tutoring provides students with more resources to study from. Most companies provide books and references for the test's preparation.

  • Tutoring also increases the social circle of the candidate whereby he/she can interact with fellow test takers and get more insight into the test preparation methods. This also increases the sense of competition and gives impetus to prepare better. Preparing alone can get boring and monotonous.

  • Companies provide, more often than not, official sample prep-test practice to its students thus helping the students to replicate the test day in class. This helps them to handle the pressures associated with the test.

  • The teachers/tutors of good companies are generally very well-qualified and they add credibility and value to the test preparation of the students.

  • The many questions that a student has while preparing for the test get answered quickly and correctly by the tutors, thereby increasing the speed of preparation.

  • Sharing knowledge always increases it and through the coaching classes you get to transfer ideas and information and thus increase you knowledge of the test. Speaking in English is not very effective if you are speaking alone. In a tutoring class, your speaking skills get honed properly.

Some IELTS Tutoring Classes

1. IELTS tutoring:

It is a company specially dedicated to test preparation. The company conducts classes for seven days a week and students can enrol for any of the General or Academic modules.

Few aspects of the company are:

  • The teachers of the company have taken the test themselves and therefore they know the test requirements well.
  • The Company provides tutoring for Academic modules as well as General modules and the students can choose to take classes for any of the two modules.
  • They mainly have a private one-on-one teaching methodology but the Company does conduct small group classes also.
  • The Company provides online interaction also where the students can submit their sample tests on the website and get a response from the tutors with their comments and corrections.
  • The curriculum and course structure of every student is customised for the student to suit his/her requirement. The company asks every student to send a solved test paper before enrolling for the classes so that the course for the students, based on the results of the sample test, can be designed.
  • Students can mail the company at test@ieltstutoring.com.
  • For the details of the tutoring options, you can visit their website http://www.ieltstutoring.com.

2. Private IELTS tutoring by Kaplan:

Kaplan is a multifaceted test-preparation company that provides courses and private tutoring for many standardised tests all over the world. For the test, tutoring classes by Kaplan are available online.

Details of the Kaplan coaching classes:

  • This is an online tutoring course.
  • The classes are held at a time of your own choice, Monday through Friday.
  • A qualified tutor from the Kaplan Company takes you through the preparation material and solves your doubts.
  • You can choose the number of hours for which you want the tutoring for.
  • Students get a certificate after taking the classes.
  • Students get access to all Kaplan resources on the test.
  • They also have a free trial course to help a student decide if they want to take up the classes or not.
  • The options are many and their details are available at http://www.kaplaninternational.com/courses/online/online-english-courses.aspx#private


e-ENGLISHTEACHER.COM is an online Company designed to provide online tutoring to students.

Details of its tutoring options:

  • Direct interactive tutoring for the Speaking and Writing sections of the test.
  • There are four options to choose from, for the coaching classes.
  • The first option lasts for about 1-4 weeks and is called Get Started IELTS Writing.
  • The second option is called Get Started IELTS Speaking and is covered over a period of 1-4 weeks.
  • The third is the option called Get Started IELTS Writing and Speaking and has two separate timelines for both the sections.
  • The fourth option is called Create Your Own where you can customise your classes to suit your need.
  • The details of all the tutoring options by this Company are available at http://www.e-englishteacher.com/ielts-tutoring-options/.