How to Select an IELTS Tutor

The IELTS test screens a test taker's proficiency in the English language. Test takers take the test for purposes such as migration, emigration to or further studies in English speaking countries. The test is divided into four main parts and a test taker has to be thoroughly prepared for each part of the test in order to achieve a high score. Students who require aid in preparing for the test, sign up for preparation courses with an expert tutor who instructs them about the content and structure of the test. Other test takers who may require special attention and extra help in preparing for the test have the choice of hiring an individual  who will conduct private sessions to aid in the test preparation. How to select a tutor depends on the test taker and how much of help he requires. There are various tutors available around the world, some of the qualities you should look out for are:

  • Academic and professional qualifications of the tutor
  • Practical experience gained in training students for the IELTS
  • Cost/Utility ratio of the sessions that you are to sign up for
  • Past reviews and customer feedback

When you have completed an evaluation of your prospective teacher you will find one who suits your needs. There are a number of tutors available to help you prepare for the test. A local online search will be a good place to start looking for a tutor in your locality. Some famous tutors for test preparation are listed below so you have an idea what you should look for.

1. e-English Teacher

e-English teacher is a coaching association that helps test takers prepare for the IELTS. The coaching association provides a range of solutions for test preparation. Test takers who are looking out for a tutor will find this coaching association very interesting. They provide test takers with an individual  who will help the students prepare for the test. The student will be taught about the various concepts on the test as well as to learn and practice all the question types for the test. The teacher coaches the student through online live sessions and the student is able to clear all doubts through interactive sessions. They provide the test taker with an expert tutor who has considerable teaching experience so the test taker is able to gain hands-on information from a training expert. To read more about this visit

2. Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan test preparation is an association that provides test takers with a private tutor to suit the test takers' needs. This coaching association gives the test takers the liberty to schedule the days, duration and regularity of the sessions, so that they are able to accommodate their personal schedules whilst preparing for the test. The tutor will concentrate on your weaknesses whilst building on your strengths and prepare you for the test from end to end. The classes are conducted by a teacher online and these sessions are interactive so the student and teacher can interact with each other during the sessions. To read more about KaplanIELTS tutor visit

3. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review also has numerous international locations that offer a test guide for students who wish to sign up for private classes. Those who wish to read about the guides offered by The Princeton Review should visit the official website at The website also gives detailed information and addresses of international training locations. You can look for the local center around you and contact the center for more information.

The main reason one picks a private tutor is to prepare for the test in a more focused and intense manner. If your guide helps you improve your skills in English then you have picked the right tutor. A student is only as good as his teacher so you should choose the best tutor.