IELTS Training

The Top 5 Training Institutes for IELTS

Over 1.4 million candidates take the IELTS to pursue higher education or to gain work experience or for immigration purposes to English speaking countries. The test is recognized in 135 countries as the world's leading English test, resulting in a growing demand for test training. This article reviews the top training institutes for your convenience.

1) Ielts4u:

If you want to prepare for the test from the comforts of your home then ielts4u could be the answer. It provides interactive online training for both Academic as well as General Training modules. You can access their video classes as many times as you want according to the subscription you have enrolled for, which can be for one month, two months or three months according to your convenience. The online training also provides practice exams for Reading, Writing and Listening. For more details check the link given below:

2) Icon+:

Icon+ is Singapore's leading training specialist wherein 85% of its students score higher than the worldwide average. You can select from the various course options for IELTS training.

  • +IELTS Full Prep Course- (33 hours) is specially suited for first time test takers for comprehensive training.
  • +IELTS Focus Prep- (Speaking, 15 hours) is for those who want to prepare for the listening/speaking section of the test.
  • +IELTS Focus Prep- (Writing, 18 hours) focuses on your writing skills.
  • +IELTS Personal Training Program- (16 hours) is for those who prefer to prepare on a one-to-one basis.
  • +IELTS Online Training Program- (16 hours) is an online training on a one-to-one basis.

For further details log onto:

3) Kaplan's IELTS Course:

Kaplan is well known as one of the leading test preparation companies. Besides familiarising you with the exam format, Kaplan provides you with comprehensive training to develop the necessary skills required for the four sections (listening, reading, writing and speaking), of the test. For those who need more practice with their test preparation, Kaplan provides with home-study kits. Kaplan's IELTS training provides a comprehensive training only in the Academic module. However, since the Listening and Speaking Sections for both the Academic as well as the General Training module is the same, those candidates taking the General Training Version of the test can avail this study kit for Listening and Speaking. For more on log onto the link given below:

4) Insearch IELTS Course:

Insearch is one of the largest university language centres in Australia. Insearch training offers a number of test courses. You can choose from the following options:

  • IELTS Full-time- (100 hours) it provides a comprehensive training on all five days of the week with thorough analysis of your progress on all the four sections tested in IELTS.

  • IELTS Intensive- (40 hours) this program offers intensive preparation through maximum exposure to test questions and is suitable for candidates taking any of the modules-Academic or General Training.

  • IELTS Part-time- (20 hours) the insearch part-time course offers flexible study for those who wish to take it as weekday evening classes or Saturday morning classes.

  • IELTS Writing-(20 hours) Conducted only on Saturdays, this program is for those who wish to improve their writing abilities.

  • IELTS Speaking and Pronunciation - (20 hours) this program is for those who want to improve the fluency and clarity of their speech for the Listening and Speaking sections.

For more on INSEARCH log onto:

5) RMIT English Worldwide (REW):

REW is one of the best English language schools in Australia which offers two training programs:

  • IELTS 125 Intensive and Comprehensive- (100 hours) This training program, conducted over a period of five weeks provides comprehensive training in all the key skills that will be tested in the exam.

  • IELTS 20 Quick and Convenient- (20 hours) This program is suitable for those who are hard pressed for time, as these classes are held as part-time evening classes with two separate programs for "Reading and Writing" and "Listening and Speaking".

For more on REW log onto

While you can prepare for test from the official practice materials, which not only familiarize you with the content, but also with the format of the test; the above mentioned test training institutes can provide you with additional practice, to prepare for the test.