IELTS Training Material

IELTS Training Materials for Comprehensive Practice

Whether you want to study for higher education or practice your professional skills or want to immigrate to English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand etc, you have to take the IELTS as a proof of your English competency. Before you begin your preparations you should have the right study material which can provide you with adequate practice on a similar format as the actual test. While you can use popular books available, to prepare for the test, you cannot ignore the fact that the internet is the best source for test preparation. While some sites provide online courses for a small fee, there are some sites where you can avail the training aid for free. Some sites where you can access free material have been reviewed below.

Understanding IELTS

IELTS is a well proven English standardized test of 2 hours and 45 minutes which assesses you comprehensively for four skills namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking English. Hence, your test training material should cover all these skills and provide you with comprehensive practice.

Free Sites for IELTS Training Materials

  • IELTS-The Official Site
  • Before you decide on any particular site for training material, it is worthwhile to take a sample test on the official site, as this will give you a fair idea of what the actual IELTS is all about. Click on the link given below for a sample test.

  • IELTS for FREE!
  • There are very few sites that provide material for all the four skills that are tested in test for free. This is one such site. To get going with your practice activities click on the link given below:

  • CanadaVisa.Com
  • The free material on Canadavisa has been prepared by test professionals, thereby giving you the feel of the real thing. There are 8 free practice tests with 2 free tests, for each component that is covered in the test. To take the test click on the following link:

  • IELTS-Exams
  • The training material from IELTS-Exam provides a comprehensive coverage of the test, with thirteen online practice tests. Each practice test has around ten tests and covers all the four skills that are tested. For more on this training material click on the link given below:

  • Cambridge ESOL Teacher Support
  • Cambridge ESOL is one of the administrative bodies that conducts the exams for English assessment. Hence, the material on this site is of the same format as the actual test. There are practice materials for all the four components, which can be downloaded in the pdf format. For more on training material from Cambridge ESOL click on the following link:

  • Ieltshelpnow
  • This website provides very useful material as it has been created by IELTS teachers and examiners who have not only designed free practice tests but are also willing to provide free advices on taking the test. For more on this website log onto:

The questions asked in the test are those which have practical relevance to the candidates either in their student life or in their working life. So, if you feel you are confident enough to take the test after preparing with the training material available on the given free sites, all the best to you, if not, you should enroll in an online course or prepare with the relevant books. Although there is no pass or fail in the test, institutions and organizations have their own minimum score requirements when it comes to selecting the candidates. Hence, don't leave your preparations to chance.

Good Luck!