IELTS Topics

How to Access the List of IELTS Writing Test Topics

The IELTS is administered in two versions, the Academic version and the General Training version. There will be two tasks in the Writing sections of both the test versions. Let us now explore more about this section and learn about how to prepare well.

IELTS Writing Section

The Writing section consists of two tasks which slightly differ for the Academic and the General Training test versions. The first task of the Academic Writing section presents a pictorial representation of data like a graph, chart, table etc. You will have to explain or summarize the information given in the diagram. The second task includes writing an essay as a response to the given opinion or argument.

The first task of the General Training Writing section involves writing a letter. A situation will be presented wherein you will be asked to write a letter either for requesting a higher authority or presenting a situational problem. The second task involves writing an essay for a given point of view, opinion or an argument. The primary difference between the second tasks of both the test versions is that the essay in the General Training version might be presented in a more personal style.

IELTS Writing Topics

In order to score well in the Writing section, you need to practice on test topics. These topics will be general in nature, reflecting either a public issue, societal issue, issues pertaining to discipline or moral etiquette etc. So, in such a case, you will require knowledge of a multitude of situations in order to present a good essay within the allotted time. Moreover, the topics are very unique and are chosen by experts for the exam. So, you cannot help but improve your writing skills through practice.

Primarily, you must focus more on the official test topics made available for the test takers as free practice materials. Practice in writing essays on these topics will help you understand the real exam topics in a better way.

How to Access the List of IELTS Writing Topics

You may refer to the official list of topics from the document available on the official website. Refer to the following link to find it: From the above webpage, you can access different samples of writing topics for the General Training version of test. You may refer to the following link to find sample test topics for the Academic test version:

You may refer to the following link to find test preparation support at the University of Cambridge EOSL Examinations website: Here, you will find writing sample topics explained.

Apart from these official writing sample materials, there are numerous other resources that provide you with a number of sample topics which you can use for your practice. Merely going through the writing samples would not help you improve your skills. You must practice in order to improve your abilities. You must read and try to develop new ideas in order to present any essay finely. You may refer to the following links to find more topics which you can practice to improve your writing skills:

Tips to Improve Writing Skills

Many online resources that provide you with sample writing topics will also provide you the essays. It is advised that before probing into the given essay, try to write an essay on your own for the given topic first. Then, cross check your essay with the one given by the resource. This will help you identify your mistakes in a better way. Moreover, this will help you learn in a quick way. Likewise, try developing content for any situation, either for a tour with your friends or a movie review etc in order to master the skill of writing well.