Where Can You Find Tips for IELTS Preparation


The IELTS is a popular exam among those test takers who wish to study abroad and aspire to take up jobs in US, Canada, Britain, etc. Hence, it is important that test takers should have a good base in the English language to cope with the interaction and communication in the English-speaking countries. Having a good base in English vocabulary positively stimulates the test score and the test taker stands a better chance to be selected by recruiters. It is in this regard that IELTS tips and advice become important for test takers. There are several techniques and strategies of preparing for test, approaching its questions and to answer them correctly. These tips aim to provide you better ways to score well.

The tips intend to offer you suggestions to manage your time, study schedule and attention. They bring in the experiences and knowledge of past test takers and veteran tutors. The tips furnish you authentic recommendation of these individuals to make your exam more proper and successful. You can search for tips over the internet or contact your tutors and contemporary test takers. In the following headings, you shall read about different sources from where you can find useful tips and utilities for the test.

British Council IELTS Tips

The British Council has been a very popular and widely accepted organization relating to academics and education. The tips offered by the British Council are few of the best suggestions and instructions in the world. The British Council tips offer you propositions and ideas to know the test sections in detail. You can also read about the tips on how to answer the question types and remain calm and confident while answering. Click at to learn more.


From this website you get to learn about the test preparation techniques. You get tips on how to start your preparation, answer the section questions and gradually proceed till the end of the test. Here, you get proposals and strategies on how to develop your test-taking skills and attain success in the test. If you wish to learn more about AIPPG, you can click at


The IELTS-Route provides you links and hints on how to actually approach the exam. It makes very clear that a solid base in vocabulary is not the sole determinant of a high test score. This website points out the tips about how to score better with low English language proficiency. You can browse through several expert opinions by tutors and read what they have to say about test preparation tips. Learn more at

Good Luck IELTS Tips

You can get assorted tips according to the four test sections in Good Luck IELTS tips. You can read the overall suggestions about test preparation before moving on to tips and lessons about preparing for each test sections. Look for overviews of each test sections and study plans for scoring well at their official website:


Recommended by the State Library of Victoria, IELTS88 offers you tips for your academic study courses abroad, US, Canada, Australia or any other English-speaking country. You will find suggestions and information about taking the test. It unveils the secrets behind scoring high. It offers you bonafide material on how to prepare for the test. Click at for more details.

MacMillan IELTS Tips

Lastly, the Macmillan IELTS tips offers you a book to learn about the various test tips. The book is written by Sam McCarter who gives you an assorted study of primed and tested rules for test preparation. It offers you a gist and synopsis of the expected questions and preparation routine. It also offers you strategies and schemes to respond correctly to the diverse types of test questions. You can learn more at

So follow these simple and easy-to-follow tips given by the online sites and preparation books to see the difference in your test performance. Remember, these tips only provide you a guideline and an overall picture of how to prepare for the exam. You need to have a lot of practice and do a lot of homework if you want to score high. The final score depends on your dedication and concentration. You can follow these crisp tips just to find the answers to your queries.