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As stated above, the test has four different sections which are explained below:-

  • Reading section of IDP IELTS testing
  • You have to answer forty questions in the reading section of general training test and it has to be completed within an hour. The testing for this section has a variety of question types. Questions may come in the form of multiple-choice questions, short answer types and completion of notes, summary, diagram, flow chart, matching of phrases or sentence making. You may even have to identify paragraphs or parts of the text or identification of writers. Content of the text can be taken from anywhere like newspaper, magazines, manuals, leaflets, etc. The test does not allow you to take the question paper of the reading section out of the test room. In addition, no extra time will be given to complete the paper. This section has different sets of questions for AcademicTtraining module and General Training module.

  • Writing Section of IDP IELTS testing
  • The time limit for this section of this section is also one hour. This section has two tasks. First task of this section is to write a letter in response to a given situation. You have to write at least 150 words for this task. Second task is to write an essay on the given general topic. You have to write at least 250 words for this task. There are different sets of questions for both the tests.

  • Speaking section of IDP IELTS testing
  • This section is the same for both Academic and General Training modules. The test is conducted in the form of an interview between the examiner and the candidate. This section is further sub divided into three sub sections:-

    First section - This section starts with personal information being asked by the examiner. Examiner will ask similar types of questions as one would ask when meeting for the first time.

    Second section - This section is a monologue which means that you will be given a card with a subject and a few guiding questions written on it. You have to talk for 2 minutes on the given subject. To prepare for your talk you will be provided with a paper and pen in order to make some brief notes.

    Third section - This section is related to the subject spoken by you in the second section. In this sub section the examiner will test your thinking ability by asking question related to the talk given by you. It will be more demanding and requires some critical analysis to prove your points that you have made during your talk.

  • Listening Section of IDP IELTS testing
  • Similar to speaking section, this section is also the same for both the modules. In this, you will be made to hear a cassette and after listening to the cassette you have to answer a series of questions. The cassette will be played only once. You are given only 30 minutes to complete this section of the test with an extra 10 minutes at the end to write answers on your answer sheet.

    This test is a good method of testing the overall skills of the candidate in English and thus you should prepare accordingly.

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