IELTS Test Results

How Are IELTS Results Declared to Institutions

The International English Language Testing System, otherwise known as the IELTS, is a standardized test to evaluate the proficiency of the candidate in the English language. You will need to take this test if you are planning to apply to study in an English-speaking country and the institution you are interested in requires its applicants to submit their test scores. The test is known for its reliability as an accurate indicator of the level of command over English and there are numerous institutions and countries where it is recognized. The test is conducted at over 800 test centers in more than 125 countries. It is conducted up to four times in a month and is usually held on a Saturday or a Thursday. Since the test is an international test, all standard varieties of English are accepted and used, for example, British and American English. The official website for the test is

IELTS Test Results:

The test results are sent by post to the candidates by the test center. At some centers, you may be permitted to collect your test results in person. Sometimes there is an online facility and at some centers SMS alerts are also available to help you obtain your test results. The Test Report Form will be issued as a single copy only. Due to security reasons, this form cannot be copied.

How Are the Results Declared to the Institutions?

You can submit your test results to the institutions yourself as part of the application process. This procedure will differ from one institution to another. You need to check with the institution you are applying to, about how they want the results to be submitted. There is a free service that you can avail to send your score to up to five institutions of your choice. This facility is in place to ease your application process. If you want more than five institutions to receive your test results, then you can obtain this service by paying a small administration charge. The database of the test results can be accessed by institutions. This offers them a way to check the accuracy and validity of the scores submitted to them by the candidates.

Your IELTS Test Results Will Contain the Following:

1. The module of the test that you took, that is, the Academic or the General Training.

2. Your test results will consist of an overall score, which will be represented as a Band Scale from 1 to 9, 1 being the lowest score and 9 being the highest.

3. Your score will also be given for each individual part of the test.

4. Your personal details and a photograph.

The Band Scale Scores:

Each part of the test is scored on a Band Scale of 1 to 9, with each score representing a different level of command over that aspect of the English language. For example a band score of 9 in the Writing test indicates that the candidate is an expert user of writing in the English language. Half band scores may also be given such as 7.5 or 8.5. There are no pass and fail scores. The lowest score of 1 indicates that the candidate is a non-user of the English language that is, he/she cannot use more than a few words in English. Band zero is given when the test was not taken.

Modules and Sections of the Test:

The two modules of the test that are available are the Academic and the General Training modules. The institutions that recognize the test have different requirements of the version to be taken by their applicants, so you need to confirm which one you will need to take, before you register for the test. The test has four parts. These are the Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking tests. You will be asked to take the first three tests on the same day with no breaks between them. The Speaking test could be conducted on the same day. On occasions, there may be a gap of seven days (either earlier or later) between this test and the others.

This test can act as a gateway into the world of education in an English speaking country as it is recognized in some of the best institutions. You can prepare well for the test and ensure good test results that will gain you an admission into the institution of your choice.

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