IELTS Test Result

When and How are IELTS Results Declared

For over 6,000 academic institutions, government departments, and organizations around the world, the IELTS is an indication of the candidate's English language communication skills. The test, being such a widely accepted and important evaluative exam, has stringent quality control measures and standard processes followed while planning, conducting and evaluating the test and publishing the test result. Every process, starting from the test registration to test result, reporting is done systematically and with great preparedness to ensure quality and maintain the reliability of the system.

Where and When Do Test Takers Access the IELTS Results?

It takes 13 days for the test results to be declared. The results are published as individual Test Report Forms (TRF) and are posted to you by the test center. You could also check your provisional results online by accessing any of these web pages (,, 13 calendar days after the test date and up to 28 more days thereafter only:

  • Online checking of the results requires you to enter the same details as you have provided while registering for the exam.
  • Some test centers provide SMS results alert service. You might need to confirm this with your test center.
  • You can request for re-evaluation or Enquiry on Results, if need arises, by paying a fee. However, only one re-marking is allowed for a test.
  • The test results are valid for two years. This period is recommended because your abilities and skills might change over time due to use or non-use of the language.

Understanding the Test Report Forms

Each Test Report Form contains your score for each section of the test, your overall score, and the version of the test you have taken - whether Academic or General Training. The test result (individual scores as well as overall score) is reported in the nine-band scale. In addition, your photo, nationality, first language, and your date of birth are included in the report form. The report forms are designed to include important security features so that no tampering can be done with them.

  • The Test Report Forms cannot be copied or replicated in anyway and should be kept safely.

  • A single copy of the Test Report Form is automatically sent to your postal address; and a copy each can be sent to five institutions you choose, free of any additional charge. In case you need additional copies of the results to be sent to more institutions, you need to pay extra.

  • In case of loss of a TRF, you need to contact the test center that sent you the copy of the Test Report Form.

How Do Institutions Access the IELTS Test Results?

While registering for the test, candidates can choose up to five institutions where their test results should be sent by the test center. Accordingly, upon declaration of the results, a copy of your individual TRF is posted to the institution you have chosen. In addition, recognizing institutions can access the test results online using the IELTS free e-download service available at:

  • Test centers send the TRFs to institutions only and not to migration agents.

  • Institutions can see the test results of the candidates who have applied to their organization only, and not of everyone.

  • To avail this free results download service, institutions need to send a request to

  • The TRF Verification Service is a free, but registered service using which organizations and institutions can check the authenticity of candidates' scores. The service is available only to recognizing institutions, and not to agents. (

  • Online access to results is considered faster and more reliable by many organizations and institutions. This also allows easier transfer of data to the institution's system.

  • Faster access to test results improves the institution's application processing system, as well.