IELTS is a test that a non-native student who doesn't use English in his day to day life should clear this test to take admission in countries where the instructions to the students are given in English. Colleges and universities in U.K, New Zealand, Australia and Canada recognize the test's score. It is compulsory for a student to clear the test in order to attain student visa to these countries.

If a student wants to sit for this test, he must get the IDP IELTS test registration done. The various points that the student should keep in mind while going through the test registration procedure are:

1. IDP IELTS Test Registration Procedure

Before heading for the registration, the student should make sure that he has all the required documents with him which are needed for the registration.

The student must possess a valid passport and remember his passport number. In some cases, while getting the test's registration done, he might be asked to submit an attested copy of his national ID card number. The student should check with his center as to which of the two identity proofs that he should submit. If the student appears for the test in some other country other than his own, he must submit his passport at the time of the registration.

Along with the passport, the student must submit two passport-sized photographs, which should have been clicked within a period of six months at the time of registration. He must also submit a photocopy of his valid passport or national ID card so that it can be attached with the test sign up form.

The student should make sure that he gets the booking done at the earliest. He should get the booking done at least fifteen days in advance of the final test date.

2. Things to be Kept in Mind While Filling the Test Registration Form

At the time of filling the registration form, the student must make sure that he has been specified on the test registration application as to which ID proof he will bring along on the final test date i.e., whether it will be the passport or the national identity card and the number of these documents.

The student must fill up his name correctly and should write his full name. While filling up the registration form he must write down the valid and correct postal address along with the pin code. The student should make use of the same name as it is there in the passport or national identity card at the time of applying for the test registration. This is because at the time of delivering his test reports forms, the name of the student will be made use of.

While filling up the registration form, the student should specify which module of the test he would like to appear for, i.e., whether he would like to sit for Academic or General training test.

In this test sign up form, the student should also mention the mode through which he would like his result to be sent. He should specify whether he wants to obtain his result through post or it should be electronically received by the organization for which he would be filling up his sign up form. The student should fill up the name and the address of the organization correctly and carefully.

3. Cancelling or Postponing Your IELTS Test Registration

The student can get the test registration cancelled or postponed within a period of five weeks of the final test date. The registration fee will not be refunded until and unless it is supported by some medical reasons. But for that the student will have to submit the medical certificates as proof. The medical certificate will have to be submitted within a period of five days of the final test date.

If the student fails to appear on the very day of the test date without informing the authorities well in advance, then his test registration fee will not be refunded.

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