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Methods for IDP IELTS Test Preparation

One can join a coaching institute for IDP IELTS test preparation or join an online course. Both of these methods are good in their own ways. There are a number of coaching institutes available for this test's preparation. These institutes offer specially designed courses for the two test modules. You are provided with adequate study materials which cover all the sections in depth. The best part of a coaching institute is that it offers you a trained and experienced faculty. The trained teachers explain you all the required areas of the test very well. Personal interaction with such a faculty can keep you focused on your preparation. Classroom interaction with other students can help you understand the concepts well and give you an opportunity to practice them in group study. The online method of  preparation gives you the convenience of studying at your own pace. You can rush through easier concepts and take your time to understand the tougher concepts. However, the online method lacks personal interaction or group study benefits. For both the methods, you will find numerous institutions or web sites claiming to be the best. However, you must make your decision carefully after taking satisfactory feedbacks about them.

Not every one of those thousands of students takes an outside course. If you do not want to join any course and wish to do test preparation on your own, it is possible. You need adequate study material, a time plan and regular study.

IELTS Study Material

All sections of the test are different and special. Therefore, every section requires a systematic approach. You need the right kind of study material for preparation. There are many books available in the market. You may find them online. The listening section of this test needs you to listen to a recorded tape so to prepare for this section you need similar sample tapes. Such tapes / CDs are also available in the market. Mostly complete study material for test preparation comes in the form of a package. Such a package includes books to cover reading, writing and speaking sections and tapes with sample recordings to practice for listening section.

There are study materials that cover all the required topics of the exam. Along with these books you may also find books on test taking techniques. These books include dos and don'ts of the exam. They also explain techniques of speedily solving the question paper. All these study materials for test preparation are for different costs. You should aim to select that study material which is adequate, simple to understand and which gives you lots of sample questions to solve. You should be satisfied in the end, for your selection.


No one can deny the importance of English and so of IELTS. Good preparation will not only make you clear your exam with top scores, but will also give you an added confidence in your language proficiency. Obtain all the ingredients of preparation and do lots of practice to achieve your desired score in test.

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