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Step 5 - Select an IELTS exam prep Method

The next thing that comes is deciding on an IELTS preparation method. There are courses available in terms of coaching classes and online. Both the methods have their own plus and minus points. Both of them provide you with adequate study materials including the sample test papers. Coaching classes give you proper classroom environment and personal interaction with the teachers. An online course gives you the benefit of studying at your own pace. In an online course you may rush through the easy topics and take your time to understand the tougher topics. The coaching classes have an edge over the online method in terms of mock tests. At a coaching institute you can practice solving previous years' test papers in exactly similar conditions which you may not experience with the online method. One can weigh all these options and decide about adopting any one of them. It is however not compulsory to take an outside course. If you have adequate study materials then you can study on your own and score high in  the exam.

Step 6 - Get Adequate IELTS exam prep Material

Every section of IELTS has different question types. Therefore you should have the correct material with you for test preparation. You will find a number of books available in the market. These books can be obtained through online shopping also. The soft copies of these books are also available. You should first collect feedback about a particular book and once you are satisfied then only should you buy. Test preparation material should have detailed explanations of the right as well as wrong answers.

Step 7 - Measure Your Take-Off Level

Once you have obtained the exam preparation material you should immediately try to solve a sample test paper from it. The score in it will make you realize your strengths in each of the sections. This is highly recommended to prioritize the exam sections.

Step 7 - Chalk out Your Time Table

Once you know your strengths in each of the sections, you can plan your time table for preparation. Plan enough time for every section. The tougher sections may be given more time. The initial few days may be decided for understanding the concepts and solving the sample questions. After about three weeks you should plan to solve the complete test paper in the actual time conditions. After four to five weeks you should devote all the time to solve the questions and for taking the tests. Preparation for the exam must include time for general reading like reading of newspapers and magazines.

Step 8 - Mock Test

IELTS is a standardized test and is scored on a scale of 0 to 9. This means that every point on this scale has a lot of importance and a different appreciation. Therefore one should make all the efforts to score high. Practice is the key to success at aptitude tests like IELTS. Therefore take lots of mock tests before the actual exam. You must evaluate your answers and try to improve your scores every time you take a mock test.


Top scores are possible only when you follow a proper exam preparation schedule. Adequate test materials, sufficient preparation time and a lot of practice at solving the sample test papers will guarantee you the desired score at IELTS.

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