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Top 5 Free IELTS Test Materials

IELTS Test Materials

The IELTS is conducted worldwide in more than 500 centres, bringing in test takers of global origin to take the test. This is a popular test of your ability in using the English language. It is popular among most educational institutions and organizations while admitting you for courses and jobs. Hence, scoring well in test is integral and the study material helps you to score well.

The test material can be in the form of books, preparation courses and free online contents. You may not have sufficient funds to invest in purchasing books and enrolling in elite preparation courses. However, you can surely use the test material that is available online without charge. You can have detailed information about the test, test questions and patterns if you follow these free test resources. In this article, we shall discuss about some of the best places where you can get study resources for free.

5 of the Widely Preferred Sources for IELTS Materials

After a brief discussion of the importance of free test material for test preparation, let us now discuss about some of the best sources of test preparation materials in the following headings:

1. IELTS Worldwide

In the IELTS Worldwide, you get to enjoy sample exercises and miscellaneous worksheets on grammar. You will get sample exercises for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, which are the four sections of the test. In addition, you can find more test material like practice tests, free instructions and information about academic courses in London, Australia and UK, which uses this test as one of the admission criteria, etc. You can also find out about UK, Canadian and Australian English and view detailed discussions in an IELTS blog. Go to and find out more.

2. Learn IELTS

The Learn IELTS provides you with updated details and information about the test. Go to, the official website, and download free preparation materials. You will find test material, which includes test sample exercises, tips and advice for IELTS preparation, Oxford IELTS e-book, IELTS specimen test papers, Cambridge practice test papers and much more. You can register and have an online account in Learn IELTS to enjoy more facilities.

3. IELTS Help Now

In this, you get the facilities to view several tutorials, dealing with each test section. You get to download and solve test papers both for General Training and Academic Training test, respectively. You can find out everything about IELTS Help Now in

4. IELTS Section AIPPG

One of the best places to get test material is the IELTS Section AIPPG. It hosts detailed explanation and definition of the sections and tests. It offers you sample essay prompts and Reading exercises. You can get recommendations and advice to eliminate your weaknesses and shortcomings in Listening and Reading measures or the test. You get to learn useful ways and techniques to improve speaking skills. In addition, you get to view a sample essay response dates July 1st, 2001 and essential methods to avoid language biasness. You get to enjoy all these and much more in this section at

5. British Council

Finally, even the reputed and popular British Council provides study materials. At this council, you can acquire useful study resources related to practice contents and tips to prepare for the test. You will be guided by online study aids administered by this council, will receive suggestions for taking and preparing for the test, learn important skills and abilities you need to be successful in the interviews and professional study amenities for developing your English language skills. You can avail a variety of free online resources at this council. Start here:

You will benefit a lot from the above-mentioned test materials and aids for the test. Start your test preparation at least three months before the date of exam. Remember, you need proper practice along with these resources to have a high score band in the test. Hence, you should discipline yourself and work hard for a perfect test score.