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5 Things That an IELTS Test Centre Should Not Have

IELTS preparation may be a difficult task, but selecting a test centre is not that difficult. The test is held all over the world in more than 500 centers. Thus, selecting a test centre that meets most of your requirements should not be that difficult. However, before you select a test location there are some things that you should take into account and they are discussed in the following section.

Common Features that an IELTS Test Centre Should Not Have

The Academic version of the test is held 48 times in a year and the General Training version is held 24 times. So you should first ensure the type of test you have to appear for. Because, based on that you will have to select an examination date. Once you have selected the date, you will have to choose a test centre. However, before you select the centre ensure that it does not have the following issues:

  • Test centers hold the Speaking test of the test on a different date, i.e., not on the day you appear for the Listening, Reading and Writing sections of the test. It is held 7 days before or after the test date that you have selected. If you prefer to appear for it before the test date then you should select a test center accordingly.

  • Sometimes you might have to miss the examination due to unforeseen circumstances. The test location that you select should not be inflexible about assigning another test date for you. If they do not allow that then you will lose your registration fees. Most test centers assign another test date if you have informed the authorities beforehand. Ensure that the test centre that you select allows this.

  • Some test centers allow passports as an identity proof. This might prove to be an issue for candidates who do not possess a passport or it has expired. In such a case you will be required to carry some identity proof to the to the test centre. Thus, if the test centre is inflexible about that it might become an issue during the examination.

  • Most test centers send alerts through SMS or e-mails regarding your results. If the test siite that you select does not provide this facility then it might become difficult to know the date when you will receive the result. Although you are supposed to receive the result 13 days after the examination, yet it is often delayed by a few days. If you do not receive any intimation you might be worrying unnecessarily.

  • The test centre that you select should not be far from your residence, since this will cause unnecessary tension about reaching the test centre on time. As the examination is held in a large number of places it should not be difficult to select one that is convenient to you.

The afore-mentioned list not only outlines the features a test centre should not have, but also the points that you should take into account while selecting a testing centre. Before, you register on the test center find out how flexible the authorities of the centre are. If in case you require changing the version of the test, i.e., from Academic to General Training or vice-versa they should accommodate your request.

They should also accommodate requests like change of test dates, permission to take a retest and cancellation of test. The test location that you choose should also send your results to 5 institutes of your choice. You should keep all these points in mind while selecting your test centre. The following section will help you select a test centre for IELTS.

Some IELTS Test Centers

The test centre that you select will depend on your country and city of your residence. While selecting the test location you will need to enter them in the official website and then select the location of your choice from the list that will be displayed. To know the testing sites click on any of the following links:

Based on the afore-mentioned list you can select the test centre of your choice. Select the centre that is most convenient to you and start preparing for the examination.

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