An IELTS guide is the most reliable way to get knowledge regarding what the test is all about. Many candidates consult study guides before appearing for the test. This guide instructs the candidate properly about all the four test sections, the scoring system, and the types of questions that will come in the test and grants the candidate with many useful tips, strategies and skills on how to attempt the test.


An online study guide intends to be a very useful guide for a candidate who wishes to appear for the test. Online books act as a free tool for finding out all the information, which would help a candidate in succeeding in the test. It is an interactive guide and keeps the candidate regularly updated with all the changes related to the test sections, the scoring system etc.

An online guide is an excellent mode that is designed to help the candidate on the various issues related to the test. It highlights the various important features of the test. It provides the candidate with numerous interactive reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. The candidate can undertake lots of activities in different types of formats to test his own vocabulary and comprehension. It contains various audio and visual tips for the candidate who wants to consolidate some authentic test material related with reading and writing. An online study guide also encourages the candidate to take up a few online practice tests and puzzles so that he can improve his English skills.

An online aid is an incredible online source of skills, tips and test taking strategies, which can be used to secure a good test score. It is one of the unique ways through which the candidate can improve his skills while sitting in the comfort of his home.

The candidate can access an online aid to improve his command of the English language depending upon his level. It provides the candidate with the facility of online writing lab. It contains innumerable writing tips to improve his writing skills. The online writing laboratory covers topics like the various steps of the process of writing and the detailed knowledge of various types of writing etc. This guide helps the candidate with the reading section also. The candidate gets to know how to make use of cross-references while attempting various types of questions.


The study guide software helps the candidate in improving his ability to communicate in English. This software contains a few conversations and discussion topics along with marking sheet so that the candidate can mark and grade his performance himself.

It can also record the candidate's conversation and give him the required feedback. The software is a valuable source of information and guidance and provides some valuable advice. The study softwares provide a number of speaking practice tests that help in reducing the mistakes and use English correctly and properly. The various factors, which allow the student to excel in the test, are explained in detail that can be easily understood and implemented.

The candidate, by making use of a software, can obtain useful grammar notes. It also contains an English language-examining page, which is designed to analyze and correct mistakes made by the candidate while attempting the writing practice test. It provides the candidate with a good amount of practice test materials for all the four test sections. It also introduces the test format to the candidate and provides him with adequate number of useful tips on how to attempt each of the four sections. The problematic grammatical areas like tenses, reported speech are well explained in simple language.

Short exercises related with each of the four sections are given so that the candidate can evaluate himself.


The textbooks are varied and pay special focus to all the four test sections. The candidate who makes use of books can get special advice and useful tips related to writing task. It contains a number of samples related to writing tasks 1 and 2 that are useful for a candidate of any level starting from beginning to advanced level. The supplementary writing task exercises give the candidate an opportunity to develop the required writing skills, which include correct spellings, sentence structure and making the sentence to the point.

The textbooks are a kind of self-study guide that allow the candidate to examine and grade himself accordingly. It gives essential tips and techniques on time management, various styles of writings, how to attempt the various types of questions and also acts as a self-motivating factor. The textbooks are a true goldmine for a candidate who is planning to appear for the test. The candidate by consulting textbooks can get useful advice and help related with the reading writing, listening and speaking sections. It is a kind of work text for the candidate who intends to take the test. It gives excellent advice on a theoretical level.

The benefit of using textbooks is that the candidate any time and anywhere can use them. He can study whenever he feels like and is not bound by time constrains. They act as a self-preparatory guide.

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