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4. IELTS Study Audiotapes And Transcripts:

IELTS study audiotapes and tape-scripts give the student an opportunity for a complete preparation to sit for the test. The audiotapes and tape scripts contain a number of interactive lessons that help the student to study in a better way. All the four modules can be practiced through audiotapes and transcripts. It also gives instructions and provides the student with a number of learning aids and tools. It is one of the exciting ways to undertake the study independently.

5. IELTS Test Study Class:

An IELTS  prep class is one of the best ways to prepare for the test. There are a number of classes that are conducted. The strength of each test study class is limited so that the instructor is able to personally attend to each student. The class has computer rooms with Internet access; it also has student rest rooms as well as a well-equipped library.

The guides of a prep class are highly qualified and experts in teaching English to the foreign student. It makes use of all the latest modern study methods.The class is divided into various levels depending upon the student’s English skills. It is divided into elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels. The student can opt for either the morning or evening study class time. The student will be given lessons on English language and will be equipped with skills, which will help him get a reasonably good score in the test.

6. IELTS Test Study Books:

Books are comprehensive self-study guides, which cover each of the four modules. The student, by consulting a study book, can get a number of useful tips and advice related to reading, writing, listening and speaking. The books contain a few full-length practice tests along with correct answers for each module.

The books generally give the student an introduction into the four test modules along with detailed explanations of the various types of questions that the student will come across in the test. It also gives the student a number of important tips on how to approach the various questions. It also contains a number of writing topics to prepare the student for the writing test.

The student can also take private tuition for the test or purchase some study cassettes or softwares, which are easily available in the market and help the student to know how to study for the test.

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