IELTS  is recognized all over the world. The test is made up of two modules i.e. Academic module and General Training module. Studying for IELTS helps a student in passing the test. To get a high score in the test it is must that the student undertakes dedicated and serious study, as the test evaluates the students' skill needed to face the real world situations. The various sources of study that the student can opt for are:


A correspondence course helps the students to prepare for the test. It contains the study material related to all the four modules that are laid on the latest pattern of the test. The student who has joined a correspondence study program gets an opportunity to view the various questions and topics section wise. He can also do the detailed analysis of the topics. It provides the student with complete information regarding the test. Besides this, a number of useful study tips and hints are given, which makes the study much more interesting and effective.

The student can practice a number of reading and writing tasks and improve upon them by making use of the tips that have been provided to him. A team of experienced  teachers prepares the correspondence study material. It is based on the format that is followed in the test. It gives the student a chance to practice the various skills that a student needs to excel in the test.

This study offers comprehensive study material, which is self-explanatory. The correspondence study material covers all the basic areas that the student will come across in the  test. The study material is prepared with great care to provide the student with all the required ammunition to face the test. It also provides a number of full-length comprehensive mock tests to help the students get adequate amount of practice.

It is one of the best aids for self study as it provides effective time tested study techniques and introductory course material for all the four modules.


IELTS study CD ROM is specially designed for that student who wants to prepare for test on his own. The CD ROMs are interactive study materials designed for a student to concentrate on various skills and strategies required for improving his proficiency in English. It provides the student with a few practice tests along with detailed answer keys. The student is provided with step-by-step tips and techniques that help in improving the skills needed to attempt all the four modules.

These CD ROMs contain an e-book, IELTS test format, a few video clips and a number of sample test questions and listening tests along with detailed answers. The CD ROMs contain a full printout capacity and clipboard copy of the reading test along with in-depth analysis. The student who is making use of  CD ROMs gets to hear a few recorded speaking test interviews. The student is provided with extra writing tasks of both writing tasks 1 and 2 along with tips and tricks to attempt the writing task.


Online study is beneficial for that student who cannot attend regular study classes. Online study provides the student with a large number of interactive lessons so that he can prepare for the test.

The online method is best suited for the reading module. The student is provided with many useful tips as to how to identify the key words in the questions and the passage and how to relate them to each other. The student who has opted for online study also comes to know how to search for synonyms, antonyms while reading the passage and how to answer the yes, no and not given type questions.

The student is provided with sufficient amount of reading practice. It helps in making preparation easy and simple. The student can study at his own time; all that he needs is a computer, an Internet connection and headphones so that he can take up the online listening practice material. The online prep method helps in improving a student's reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. It provides the student with study materials online so that he doesn't need to venture out of his home to attend classes at far off places. The student gets a chance to collect together the best of the study materials.

Before starting with the study, the online study acquaints the student with the understanding and purpose of conducting the test. The student also becomes familiar with the rules and regulations of the test.

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