Topics for IELTS Speaking

Where Can You Find IELTS Listening Samples

The IELTS speaking test is what scares candidates most about this exam! The test aims to assess the candidate's ability to speak coherently on a topic. The candidate should be able to give information about himself and give opinions on general topics. He should be able to justify his opinions with reasons. A candidate's ability to hold a discussion is checked with the help of  topics for speaking.

Structure of the Test

The test lasts for11-14 minutes and is divided into three parts. The first part is just a general introduction and a short interview. It lasts for about 4-5 minutes. The examiner introduces himself and asks the candidate for his introduction as well. Examiners try their best to make the candidate feel at ease so as to engage him in a normal conversation. The examiner asks the candidate general questions pertaining to his family, hometown, his interests, like and dislikes. He also asks the candidate about his work or his studies.

The second part of the test lasts for 3-4 minutes. In this, the candidate is handed a cue card on which a topic is written. The candidate is given a minute to collect his thoughts and think about what he will say about the topic for the next two minutes. A paper and pencil are given to the examinee to note down his thoughts and structure his speech. The examiner does not interrupt the candidate for the next minute or two. The topics are mostly general. They could also include personal topics like asking the candidate to talk about his ideal vacation or the topic could demand the candidate to air his views on something.

The third part of the test again lasts for 4-5 minutes and it is the final part of the interview. This section is basically a discussion between the examiner and the examinee. The examiner asks follow up questions on the topic given in the second part of the test and then they move on to discuss more general issues and ideas.

Note that the examiner will be friendly and will do his best to make you feel comfortable. Do not be afraid of the examiner. The duration of the interview will depend on you and how much you are able to speak on the topics given to you. All interviews are recorded and graded by IELTS certified examiners. There is no room for bias in the test. Fluent, coherent speech with good use of vocabulary will get you marks.


The best way to prepare for the test is to practice speaking in English whenever you can. Watch English news channels and indulge in English movies and soap operas. Read the newspaper aloud to gain fluency in speech while developing a good vocabulary at the same time. Since the first part of the test is fairly predictable, prepare well for it. Practice for it with the help of a friend and ask him or her to engage you in a conversation and ask you questions about yourself. The speaking test is actually the easiest to prepare for as there are a number of websites that give you a list of speaking topics that you should try and speak on. Let us talk about the resources available to prepare for this test.

Resources for IELTS Speaking Topics

Official website of IELTS

The official website is the best place to get a fair idea about the kind of speaking topics that come in the exam. Go to this link - to see the sample topics given with solutions. The solution consists of a tapescript as well as a recording you can listen to. This will give you an idea about the kind of answers you are expected to give.

Good Luck IELTS

This website hosts a collection of speaking topics that are separated by the general category they belong to. The link to the website is - This site does not have recorded solutions but it does have the topics that occur most frequently in the exams. It also gives you good tips to pass this test successfully.


Dominic Cole's IELTS blog is the go to place for all sorts of help in the training. He has a huge selection of speaking topics with written as well as recorded solutions and will be a one stop shop for gaining expertise in the Speaking section. Visit his website ( for tutorials, sample topics and more.

Ielts Exam Net

This website also has only solved written answers to the speaking topics but it has a huge variety of topics. The link to the website is -

These resources should be sufficient to give you an idea of what is expected in the exam. Practice will be the key to success.