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The IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized test that is relied upon by many institutions and organizations all around the world. The test provides a reliable method to evaluate the level of command over English of the candidates who apply to institutions in English-speaking countries. This article will tell you about the IELTS and about how you can get your score online and by other means.

About the IELTS:

There are two versions of the test, Academic and General Training. As a general rule, you should take the Academic version of the test if you are applying for education above the undergraduate level, and the General Training version if you are interested in joining an institution for education below the degree level. The test is composed of four sections. These are the Reading test, the Writing test, the Listening and the Speaking test.

How to Get Your IELTS Score:

Your IELTS score will be sent to you by mail 13 days after the test. You may also be able to go to the center and collect it yourself. A facility is available at some centers to get the score online. If this is available, then the results are displayed online 13 days after you have taken the test. The results are removed after 28 days. This is a preview of your result and you should not consider it as your confirmed score. It is not available at all centers however. You will have to ask at your local center if they offer the online service for the  test score or not. Some centers have an SMS alert facility, but like the online service, you need to ask your center about this specifically. You cannot get your result by phone or fax or email. A few examples of the centers that offer this are the University of Western Australia center, the BridgeEnglish center in Denver, USA and the centers managed by the British Council.

Your test score will be the same regardless of whether you received it through the post or by the online service. The Test Report form cannot be copied, neither will you receive a duplicate copy if you lose it, hence you must keep it carefully. There is a service offered free of charge, by which up to five institutions of your choice will be sent your score. You can arrange for more institutions to receive your scores but there is a charge. Your Test Report Form is valid only for a period of two years.

Band Scales:

Your IELTS score will be given as a Band Scale for each section and also an overall Band Scale. The values on this scale are from 1 to 9. Band 1 represents the score for a 'non-user' of the English language and it is the lowest score. Band 9 is the highest score and represents a candidate who is an 'expert user' of the English language. The remaining Band Scores lie in between these two extremes. For example, a score of 5 indicates that a candidate is a 'modest user' of the English language. The score may be represented as half bands also. There is a Band score of zero but it means that the test was not taken. There are no pass or fail scores. You need to find out the score required by the institution you are interested in order to know what score is sufficient for you.

You can ask for a re-marking of your test by paying a fee. This facility is available for part of the test and for the entire test. If your score in any part of the test is changed, you will receive a refund of the fee. It is worthwhile to ask for this only you feel there was a genuine error in your score. Otherwise it is better to prepare better and take the test again.

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