Scores of IELTS

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Validity of the IELTS Score

The validity of the IELTS scores is for two years. After the time period of two years your test scores will be considered invalid and the student will have to appear for the test again.

IELTS Scores Report

The report of IELTS scores is issued two weeks after the test. In case the student requires his result before two weeks, he will have to pay an extra amount of money as is stated in the application form. All the four test sections are scored on a band scale of 1 to 9. The overall scores are taken out of the average of test scores that the student gets in all the four test sections and the result is reported out of bands 1 to 9.

The results are issued after two weeks all around the world to maintain a level of coherence and unity. This gives more time to check the student’s scores carefully and remove any inconsistency before the scores are released. In case the student loses his  test report form of the result, he can apply for another copy of the report from the center where he took the test.

How to Calculate the IELTS Scores

The results of academic and general training modules for listening and writing are calculated in the same manner. If the student gets 1 mark in either the listening or writing test then his overall test score will be 1. If the student gets 2 - 3 marks then his score will be 2, marks 4- 9 mean 3 scores, and marks 10 - 16 mean 4 bands. If the student secures 17 - 24 marks then it means that his score will be 5. 25- 32 marks mean 6 score. In order to get a score of 7 bands the student will have to get 33- 37 marks. For a score of 8 the student will have to get 38-39 marks. For getting a score of 9 bands the student will have to secure 40 marks in the test.

If the student is not able to get a good score or is not satisfied with his test scores then he can reappear for the test. The student will not be allowed to appear for the retest before a time period of 3 months from the first test date on which he appeared for the test.

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