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General Training Module: Writing Section

Here you need to write a letter in 20 minutes and a small essay in 40 minutes. The total section is allotted one hour. Here is a sample test question about letter writing:

“You got your car repaired for water leakage problem. After two days you experience very heavy rain and find that your problem of leakage still persists. Write a letter to the service center describing your problem and what do you expect from them to correct the fault in your car.”

In the second part of this section you are given an idea and you need to write an essay in 250 words developing this idea. Sample question on this is as follows:

“Some of the countries like China and India are facing the problems of population explosion being the major hurdle in becoming a developed country. Can the compulsion of One-Child-Norm be the right solution to resolve this issue?”

Listening Section

This section is about listening to taped conversations and answering the questions while you listen. There are four such conversations played in an increasing order of difficulties. The first two conversations are of general nature. Sample Question:

Flight booking to some place of interest

Housewife reporting a complaint about her refrigerator to the company

The next two conversations are based on some kind of training or education. This can be the discussions among three to four people.

There are in all 40 questions asked on all the four recordings. The total allotted to this section is 30 minutes. These questions are of multiple choices, fill in the blanks, sentence completion, table matching etc.

Speaking Section

This section is designed to test your spoken English. It is nothing but an interview taken by an examiner for about 15 minutes. It is divided into three parts.

Part I - This is an introduction part where you are asked some general questions about yourself. This is to make you comfortable. You need to however practice well about how you are going to describe yourself, your family background, education etc. It lasts for about four to five minutes. Some of the samples for speaking section part one are:

What is the meaning of your name?

Tell me something about your place of residence.

What are your hobbies and how do you pursue them?

Part II - Here you are given a topic to speak about. This can be any general topic about you, your surroundings, education system, politics, sports, science etc. It can be literally anything. It is not controversial though. You need to give your views about it. You are given about a minute to prepare for it and then you need to speak for two minutes. This part continues for about four to five minutes. Here are some of the samples for this part:

What are your views on Women Power?

What do you think about Brain Drain?

Part III - In the third and the last part of the Speaking section you need to discuss your views with the examiner. The examiner may pose you certain questions about the views you have expressed. This needs you to think critically and justify your stand.


IELTS is designed to test your communication skills in all forms of English. The right kind of preparation is a must for success at it. Practice questions are available at various web sites. Solving these practice questions can help you in many ways. It makes you understand the total range of questions that can be asked in an actual exam. Your level of preparation can be found out by solving these practice questions. Once you have understood the concepts of various sections, you should solve mock test questions in the actual time constraints. This will help you master the test taking techniques.

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