Review Materials for IELTS

5 Features of Good IELTS Review Materials

Review materials for IELTS are essentially books, sample papers, prep -tests, word lists, and work sheets that are available for preparing for the IELTS. Unlike most standardized tests, the IELTS does not only involve answering questions. It is a language test and along with answering questions, it involves activities like reading, writing, listening and speaking that have to be proactively carried out in various ways. Because the test is so unique, the review materials that are available for practicing for the test should help in understanding all the different aspects of the test.

Features that constitute good IELTS review materials

1. The review aids should consist of the IELTS test taking strategies and should be able to answer the general questions that every student has about the test. In other words, the review materials should give an insight to the test, its rules, techniques of preparation and best ways to attempt the different sections.

2. The review aids should ideally have authentic test material like the real test questions, audio samples etc so that the students can experience the real test during practice sessions.

3. The prep materials should be from a legal and genuine source. One should check to assure that the review and reference materials follow the correct rules and norms and are in accordance with the format of the test.

4. The prep aids should not be elaborate, dramatized and bulky. Use of difficult sentences should also be minimal. One has to remember that the review materials are, at the end of the day, practice materials and thus, they should not in themselves be so difficult that you first waste time in deciphering them and then, also get confused in the bargain. Simple and effective language will not only ease the process of practice, it will help you in using simple language in the test which is an IELTS prerequisite.

5. Good review materials are those that provide enough opportunities for practice. Going through reference materials is just not enough for an examination. The test requires you to be attentive and effective in your English language skills and that can only happen if you have practiced the language regularly and practiced it well.

There are many options through which one can procure review aids for IELTS. The Internet is one such, universal source from which every student can get test practice and reference material that he/she needs for test prep. There are paid as well as free choices for this test over the Internet.

Some links that provide free IELTS review materials


This link provides a list of 16 free downloads for preparation for the test. The review materials through this website capture all the sections of the test along with a few pages on phrases, connective words, English grammar and vocabulary pages and an article on how to avoid language bias. The topics have a very wide range and cover essential test subjects as well as related material. The website also connects to something called the IELTS Forum. This forum is an Internet forum dedicated to the IELTS test and its associated subjects. The topics discussed in the forum are sometimes very personal but nonetheless provide good tips and core knowledge about the test as a whole. The link to this forum is:


This is a very interesting page that helps you understand the basics about this test. This is more like a blog. The article in this page is called IELTS review materials download and secrets. The article discusses the test, the issues while answering the test and the kind of review materials that should be used for test prep. The discussion is followed by comments. These preparation materials and links that are available on this page can be used for effective test prep. Also, the discussion should be taken as a reference point and should not be followed blindly.

3. In this website you should visit the link that provides the option to download the prep materials. The link is

The aids in this link pertain to all aspects and sections of the test. This is a good link for the exam's preparation. This can also be used for reference as it attacks every section of the test, with examples, separately.