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IELTS test can be taken by a candidate who is of 16 years of age or above. Before sitting for the test, the candidate should spare some time and take a review of the test, as it will help him in taking a general overview of the test sections. This test review will help to enlighten the candidate about the four test sections that he will have to face in the test and the time limit within which he will have to complete all the four sections.

IELTS Review Books:

Instead of plunging straightaway into IELTS test preparation, the test taker should try to take an insight view of the general techniques and skills related to reading, listening, speaking and writing. It s not possible for the test taker to spend hours in collecting information, so it is advisable that he should get hold of review books as it will equip the test taker with all the important and relevant information that the test taker is curious to know.

A few important books that the test taker can consult are:

IELTS Tutor (Book/ CD ? ROM pack) (Paperback) by Lloyd Jacklin (Author), Roslyn Jacklin (Author)

This book of IELTS is very simple to follow, easy to understand and very helpful for the test taker, though a bit brief.

This book contains a CD ROM that is a very helpful aid for the test taker who wants to have a review of the test. CD ROM is helpful in preparing the test taker for appearing for the test, and provides detailed knowledge on how he should go about attempting the various types of questions that he will come across in the test. This review book also provides a few useful tips on how to attempt the writing section test. It provides the test taker with numerous useful ideas, which will help him attempt the writing and reading tests and all these ideas and tips are easy to grasp and use.

This book tells the test taker all that he should exactly know to clear the test with a good score.

Book by Cambridge ESOL for students preparing for IELTS – deals with IELTS practice tests and also provides answers.

The student, by making use of this guide book of IELTS, gets a wonderful chance to orient himself with what IELTS is all about and provides a number of practice tests so that the student can practice the techniques that he has picked up from this guide.

This IELTS prep book explains all the four tests sections in details related to both the academic as well as general training modules. The test taker is properly introduced to each of the four test sections and also to the scoring system of the test. The test taker who wants to take up a self-study course can refer to this refresher as it is self-explanatory and makes use of simple language. It helps the test taker feel comfortable and confident enough to take up the test.

The test taker can get an overview of the listening test as it contains an audio CD that familiarizes him with the kind of listening that he would come across in the real test. He gets an excellent opportunity to rehearse the listening, speaking, writing and reading sections.

Barron’s IELTS with Audio CD: International English Language Testing System (Barron’s How to Prepare for the IELTS: International English)(Paperback) by Lin Loughleed (Author)

This book of IELTS covers all the four test sections and the test taker is made familiar with all types of question forms that will be put in the test. He gets a chance to review the various types of questions i.e. multiple choice questions, summary completion, flowchart completion, fill in the blanks, match the headings, true/ false and not given types, etc.

This review guide equips the test taker with quite a few test-taking tips; a number of model tests are given along with answers, which are explained in detail. It helps the test taker to focus on the main points of the test and thus obtain a good sore in the final test. In order words, this book is very useful, as it gives proper directions on how to attempt the different types of questions and get a good score.

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