Results of IDP IELTS

Your Options after IELTS Results are Declared

The IELTS is co-owned by Cambridge University ESOL Department of Examinations, British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia. As it is evident from the ownership of the IELTS, it is an English language test designed to reflect your skill in reading, writing, speaking, as well as, understanding instructions given in English. Thus, the IELTS result consists of test score and the score you receive for each section of the examination. An elaborate analysis of the constituents of the IELTS results is given in the following section.

Understand Your IELTS Score

The IELTS examination is scored by trained examiners who have thorough knowledge of the policies of the owners of the test and years of experience in marking the test  papers. The first step in the marking process is to mark each section of your test (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) examination on a scale of 1 to 9. This is the raw score that you will receive for each section of the examination. This raw score for each section will be reported as a score band.

The second step in the process is to calculate the mean of the scores of all the sections of the examination, in order to report your 'Overall Band Score'. This process will become easier with an example. Consider that you have received the following individual scores: Listining-5.5, Reading-5.0, Writing-7.5 and Speaking 6.0. Then the sum of all individual score is 24.0. The mean on this score will be 20.0/4 which is equal to an Overall Band Score of 6.0.

A point to remember is that if the mean of your score ends in 0.25 then it will be rounded to 0.50 and if it ends in 0.75 then it will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Thus, your test results will always end in either 0.5 or a whole number. Once you know what the IELTS results contain and how to interpret it, you will need to know where to check your results. The method of accessing your results is discussed in the following section.

Check Your IELTS Results IDP

The IELTS results are declared 13 days after the examination. You can access your results online if you are registered on the official website of the test. However, sometimes all test centers do not provide the facility of checking your score online. They either send it to your residence or you can go and collect it from the center. To access your results you will have to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Family name/surname
  • Date of birth in DD/MM/YY format
  • Passport or ID number that you have used during the registration process
  • Date of the examination

You will have to provide the data in either of the following links:

Once you have entered all the data correctly and clicked on the 'search' button you will be able to access your test results. However, the results are only a springboard to your future endeavors. Thus, you should know your options after you receive your results and they are discussed in the following section.

Utility of Your IELTS Results IDP

A good IELTS score is essential if you wish to study or even work in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. The following list provides your options in a more detailed manner:

  • If you are a student who wants to pursue higher studies in institutes of the afore-mentioned countries, then a good IELTS score is an essential part of your admissions portfolio. Recently, even some institutes of the USA have started accepting this test's score as an evidence of your proficiency in the English language.

  • If you are an immigrant who wants to work and settle in any of the afore-mentioned nations then a good test score will reflect your capacity to understand instructions in English which is essential if you want to work in a primarily English speaking nation.

  • A good score is often required by multinational companies when they hire employees.

  • A good result will also make you eligible for various programs and scholarships provided by the British Council.

The afore-mentioned list outlines your opportunities if you score well in the examination. So understand your options and start preparing for the examination.