How to Carry out IELTS Registration

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4. IELTS Registration Form

The question on every students mind when he starts off his test preparation is, how to proceed with the registration? Although it is not a very difficult process, it is important to gather information about how to carry out the registration. You should get the copy of the application form for registration, which also explains how to go ahead with the registration. You can download this form from the official web site or can contact the organizers of the test for sending you the copy of the application form by mail. Once you get the application form you must read it carefully. It is a relatively lengthy form with lots of details. You must understand the information given and requirements of the test clearly. The registration form also includes all the rules and regulations of the exam and the exam center procedure. Your registration may be rejected due to lack of some information in your  form or due to lack of valid attachments. Fill in the application form with all the required information which is correct in all respects.

5. IELTS Registration Documents

This test is taken by the candidates for whom English is a second language. The test is also required for the purpose of immigration to English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada etc. This means that the aim of this exam is to make you eligible to migrate to a particular English speaking country. Therefore you need to fill in the details of your proof of identification during the registration. You need to fill in the serial number of your valid passport or number of national identity card. If you wish to take this test outside your country then your passport is the only valid proof of identity. You need to bring the same proof of identity in original when you come for the test. You need to affix two recent passport sized photographs on the registration form.

6. IELTS Registration Form Submission

Lastly, once you have filled in the registration form in all respects and attached the photographs, you need to send this form to the test center of your choice. How to pay the registration fees? Well, this varies from country to country. You must contact the test center for more information about the amount and how to pay the fees. Personal cheque's or cash payments are not accepted as part of fees.

7. IELTS Registration Acknowledgement

Once your registration form is received by the test center, you are sent an acknowledgement by mail. This includes the confirmation of your test date and time. If both of your test date choices are not available then you are offered the next possible test date. It also includes the date and time of your speaking module test. The speaking module test may be before or after 7 days of your written test.

Cancellation or Postponement of Test Date

The candidate must inform the test center before five weeks of the exam for cancellation or postponing of the test date. Upon cancellation you will be given the partial refund of fees after deducting the administration charges. If you fail to inform before five weeks of the exam then you will lose all your fees. The only exception to this is if your cancellation of the test date is due to some medical reason. However you need to produce a valid medical document in this regard within five days of your exam. If you are not able to attend your test due to circumstances beyond your control then the test center may offer you an alternate test date. If you are absent on the test date due to reasons other than medical then you will lose all your test  fees.


This is an international exam which acknowledges you internationally once you clear it with good scores. It opens lots of academic and career opportunities for you. The registration process is simple yet important. One must know how to complete his registration for the test in all respects and do it well in time.

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